The Courage to Do it
Vision, I want you to think about this word for a second. If it were in my hands, I would declare it the most important word in the human life. From the history to this present date, if it weren’t for somebody’s vision, we humans wouldn’t be marching ahead with developments.
Carrying a vision, these visionaries can also be called as innovators, leaders, makers, and many more. On a daily basis, they fight in big and small ways. They disrupt. They take risks. They challenge the status quo and revolutionize the way we see or live in the world. While many set up new markets, others grow their innovative concepts within an existing one.
From Archimedes to Zeppelin, the contributions of great visionaries over the years have filled history books. More famously, from Jeff Bezos of Amazon to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, have been the subjects of relentless mass fascination and progressively intense public attention.
While centuries have passed between them, experts who have analyzed the essence of innovators in all fields of knowledge have one conclusion. They have essential qualities in common, from creative thinking to the willingness to create faith in those who pursue a relentless commitment to their dreams.
Nevertheless, despite shared characteristics with their counterparts, today's innovators pose their own set of challenges. The world around them is shifting at warp speed, and they need to advance around with it.
With the above thought, We at Insights Success, bring forth an exclusive edition The 20 Visionary Companies to Watch in 2020. Herein, we showcase the best of visionary companies that are revolutionizing the world across diverse industries.
The Listing includes Anker Innovations, an expert and innovator of smart devices for entertainment, travel, and smart homes; Equitree Capital, an Investment firm focused on investing in listed small and micro-cap emerging businesses to realize full potential in the market; Fermento Biotech, one of the largest manufacturer of Vitamin D3 and a global key player; HomeSpring Foods, a fresh food product brand challenging the highly competitive packaged-food market; Klaus IT Solutions, providing advanced IT Solutions to business and houses; Lawpreneurz, a new-age digital platform for law students; Master Engineering, focusing on optimum power generation from the Solar Power systems; OnergySolar, an end-to- end solar solution expert; and last but not the least Sensemi, providing comprehensive data to the medical world.
Other than that, we are privileged to mention Alpha, Creative Bee, Digite, G7CR, Impelsys, Jaaga, OneOrigin, Qinnovation, Tvisha Technologies Pvt Ltd, Vsoft India, and Wings Travels.
While learning about these visionaries, do not forget the industry expert’s viewpoints tagged under the column CXO Standpoints. Also, look out for the exclusive interviews with some other visionaries shaping the world as we know it, while keeping your keen eyes on articles masterly crafted by our in-house editors.
With that being said, it’s time jump right in and learn about these visionaries in detail.
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