As we enter into the new year each day brings us closer to the year 2012. Children have been bombarded with much of the doom and gloom and we as a society should be aware of the sensitivity that this issue may have on young children.

Obviously, the age of the child will determine how detailed the conversation is. As a certified educator having worked in the public school system, I am aware of the conversations that occur amongst children. It is inevitable that some student will comment in class on the most recent sensationalized media event that often times opens the proverbial can of worms. It is extremely challenging at times as an educator when certain topics arise and you need to console a child. There have been times through the years where I have had to request the support of guidance counselors and or parents to assist.

The conversation regarding 2012 is one that certainly needs to take place at home with parents. As a mother of three boys, I have discussed this topic with my children. Each child has a unique perception, my role is to answer questions, and help to make them feel safe.

Even if your family watches very little TV, we must be aware as parents that our children may have seen or heard something somewhere along the way. They may have questions but are too afraid to ask. I believe it is our responsibility to empathize with our children and to create the best positive outcome for them in their lives.

I personally am most concerned about our college age group. They for the most part are on their own, away from our daily influence as parents. They are bombarded with doom and gloom media & engaging in substances (not all of course). They may have questions or concerns that perhaps are not being addressed.

If you are unfamiliar with the topic, you may want to do some research both on the 2012 prophesies as well as our planetary changes that are occurring.

It is my deliberate intention to have our children be free from any worry and to help alleviate fear. If you are aware of the Law of Attraction, then you must have a general understanding that energy flows where thoughts go.

If our society becomes overwhelmed, confused or afraid at all regarding the 2012 prophecy then more fear and anxiety will be created.

We must come from a place of love instead.

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Lynn Clarke is a certified educator, EFT and Reiki Practitioner, Labyrinth Society Member a conservationist and child advocate.

Lynn enjoys leading others who are interested in starting a Home Based Business in service to our global community.

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