Marriage is the beginning of a new chapter for a man and a woman. It’s a transition from being single with all the freedom in the world to married life with a lot of responsibilities and duties.

Before or after marriage, the husband and wife make long-term plans and dreams together. They both work hard to achieve the things they have been longing for. As such, they tend to have no time for each other. The couple even forgets to listen and share each other stories as well as the experiences they have at work every day.

If these things continuously occur between the husband and wife, adverse outcomes might be waiting at the end of the day. To avoid these things from happening in the future, here’s a list of outdoor activities that the couple must try to strengthen the relationship between them.

Go to the Beach

From being so busy at work every day, the couple deserves a quality time together. They can go outside their home and office, and try to explore the world. Going to the beach is one of the best ideas that they can choose.

Talk to each other and agree on the particular dates to do this outdoor activity. You can do this more than one day. Make it two or more days to stay in the beach for the both of you have enough time to discover yourselves with the breeze in the ocean. It’ll be so romantic for sure.

For the entire duration of your stay, take every opportunity to connect with your partner. Communication isn’t all about talking to each other. It also includes eye to eye contact and body gestures. Understanding your partner using these forms of language makes you prove your love towards him or her.

Make time together. Enjoy each other's company. Then, let the beach give the most romantic scenery to both of you.

Go Mountain Climbing

Another option of an outdoor activity that a couple must try is mountain climbing. This outdoor activity gives the couple a very different taste of adventure. The experience is a combination of thrill and mystery.

After setting up a date that will fit in the schedule of the both of you, choose a particular mountain that you would like to climb together. Make sure that it is safe for climbers. Try to surf the internet and read reviews of the people who climbed the mountain for you to have an idea on what to expect in the site.

After you set everything, prepare all your things to bring with you to this outdoor activity. Don’t fill your backpack with unnecessary stuff. Bring those that you’ll surely need in the climbing site. Of course, don’t forget the camping tent. It’ll serve as your little home with your partner where other time-making activities will happen.

During the entire duration of your mountain climbing, make your partner feel that you always care. By just asking “how are you?” to your partner while you are holding each other hands will make him or her feel your tender love and care.

Don’t wait for your partner to do things to please you. Take the initiatives to do it yourself first and let your partner do his or her part in return. What you get doesn’t always matter if you genuinely love your partner. What’s the most important thing to you is when you make your partner’s happiness as the source of yours.

Go Fishing

Another interesting outdoor activity for couples is fishing. You can do it while you are on a picnic beside a river or a lake. Also, you can do other things while you’re waiting for your fishing rod to catch fish.

Plan the activity properly. Choose the fishing spot that has a lot of fish. Secure durable and safe fishing rods. You can prepare at least five fishing rods to ensure that you’ll catch fish.

Since you can do a picnic while fishing at the same time in the location, you must also bring different types of food and drink. Don’t forget to bring a grilling pan since this is where you’re going to cook your catch as well as the meat that you’ll bring.

You can Focus Fishing
while you are talking to each other, sharing different stories and life’s experiences. You can also have a few cans of beer over the conversation. You’ll realize in a few minutes that the both of you talk a lot of things about work, hobbies, previous experiences, and even lifestyle, technology, and politics.

It's a kind of outdoor activity that will give the both of you ample time to talk to each other. You can talk about your marriage. You can talk about your life as well as your plans and dreams. You can even discuss strategies on how to achieve your long-term goals in life. You can do all of these stuff on a picnic while fishing.


You might be dreaming to have a perfect marriage. However, the fact is that there’s no such thing as one. You can’t find a perfect marriage, but you can find a happy one. Happiness always outweighs perfection.

The outdoor activities discussed above are helpful ideas in making your relationship stay healthy. Open communication has been a good practice between a husband and wife to talk and listen to each other. Try to do something in your relationship now. Don’t waste time to rotten the bond. Instead, make it healthy and intact every day.

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Zach McGavin is a freelance writer and blogger who loves to write about lifestyle and home improvement. At home, he likes to browse the web and read articles that captures his interests. When not busy, Zach likes to go on a picnic with his family.