I bet a lot of you ladies out there worry whether you husband is cheating on you or not. I don't know if he is, but what I do know is how you can prevent it from happening and how you can become the ONLY woman he's interested in. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you some fairy tales about keeping your husband happy by being romantic and the like. The rules of keeping him are pretty simple: Good sex and good food. That's it.

Now you may think I'm a chauvinistic pig and you'll probably be right, but I'm a guy that has been with more women than I can remember and I know which women managed to keep me loyal and who I wanted to stay with (and did) for long periods of time including marriage. And this isn't just my viewpoint - every man that has the "cojones" to admit it will tell you that what I say is true. The truth will set you free, and even if it hurts it's the only advice that you'll find useful. Everything else is just hype used to sell more magazines.

Anyway, ladies - if you want to keep your man happy and coming back for more and STAYING for dessert every single day of the year you have to provide two things - GREAT sex and good food. The food is the second most important thing, but I'll tell you why it's important in a minute. Actually, let's start with the food.

Tip #1:
In this day and age where fast food rules our lives we have lost touch with reality. We live in a cyber-galaxy ruled by McDonald's, cable TV and consumerism. The divorce rate is ridiculous. Especially if you compare it to the 60's and the 70's.

There was a time when men came home after a hard day at work and their gorgeous, devoted wife waited them with good food and amazing oral sex after putting the children to sleep. Today most men (thank God not all) are confronted with a nagging, selfish, constantly demanding 500 pound "women" expecting everything for nothing and wanting only the good parts of equality (only the one's that benefit Her). A marriage or relationship like this is destined for misery.

Cooking for your man from time to time (I'm not advocating you should you do it every single day) shows that you care, that you are devoted, understanding and that your goal is the success, not failure of your husband. He is your partner, not your enemy. A man with a full stomach of delicious food prepared just for him knows that he is valued and that You fully appreciate him. And that's necessary for keeping your husband loyal. Appreciation is what too many men out there never get.

Don't start with the "Why doesn't HE appreciate ME?" kind of attitude. It won't get you anywhere. Initiate change and be the starting point, the results will follow. Cooking for him with passion conveys that you care for him, that you are devoted and that home really is the best place where he is treated like a "King", not an enemy that's fighting for his life and for peace.

Make your home a place where he'll be happy to come back to every day. Yes - "old school" stuff worked and works today, try it for yourself before you start bashing about being an extreme right-wing feminist that "serves" no one.

Tip #2:
Second and even more importantly than cooking well: you must give him the best sex of his life. Period. Ladies, let me enlighten you. If you didn't already know: the way to a mans heart is through his penis. That's a fact. If you can satisfy him better than any other woman out there he'll never have to look elsewhere for pleasure.

I've heard countless stories of marriages failing because of sex. Couples just stop having it. It's obvious that it can get boring after some time - but you should never let that happen. Good sex can get a guy to propose to you - and it can also get him to want to stay with you. Actually - it will get him to never even think about leaving you.

What often happens is that women stop giving their husbands oral sex. They "got him" and now they are married so why would they ever do something as disgusting as that, right? Nope. That's the worst attitude you can ever have. Good oral is a necessary part of good sex and if you are not doing it - he'll find a woman that will give him a great, "dirty" BJ every single day of the week and he'll dump you faster than you can imagine.

Sooner or later he'll get fed up and leave you. This actually happens. Don't let that happen. Giving him Great and regular oral shows devotion, appreciation and that you really want him, there is nothing more attractive to men than an amazing bj. If you are worried you're not doing it properly - learn it. Practice makes perfect, you just need the right advice. And you won't find that advice in Cosmopolitan and similar magazines. Oral shouldn't even be called oral, and "dirty" things have to be Real and explained directly with no BS and nonsense.

Tip #3:
And one more thing - Look good. Yes - don't get fat after you get married. It's that simple. Hit the gym and look the best you can even after you get married. This will keep your husband always interested in you sexually and turned on and even more importantly, you'll feel better about yourself and you'll be more confident in your body and therefore - you'll be way better in bed. This is the cold hard truth and if you don't like it - that's your problem.

These are probably the 3 most important things you can do to keep your husband satisfied and loyal and stop him from ever even thinking about cheating on you, let alone doing it. Saving your marriage and keeping it amazing is that simple, it's not rocket science.

So, ladies - Back to the kitchen!;) Hit the gym and start giving your husband some mind-blowing blow jobs today! He'll love you more than you ever thought possible. Men are simple, so don't complicate it.

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