Let's be honest. All activities have pitfalls. When you are training to play tennis or play the piano, your instructor alerts you to the most common mistakes people make. Unfortunately, dowsers don't always have the intensive training that athletes and musicians have. Nigel and I had to learn a lot of what we learned by trial and error. One of the reasons for this website is to help you progress faster by sharing our dowsing secrets with you.

While there are obviously more than three things that can go wrong when you dowse, there are three big ones to avoid:

1. Polarity reversal
2. Asking a poor question
3. Being emotionally attached to the answer

Any of these three things will give you a false answer. Most of the time, people are unaware that they have reversed polarity, or asked an incomplete question. Also, a lot of people will try to dowse about things they are very emotional about, not realizing that is a prescription for disaster.

Problem #1: Polarity Issues

Your body has polarity, as in a north and south pole. This polarity is affected by a number of things, and can become reversed. When it reverses, your dowsing yes becomes no and vice versa. Among the things that can flip your polarity are: dehydration, not having enough minerals in your body, being in a geopathic zone and being emotionally upset. It is beyond the scope of this article to go into detail about polarity reversal, but it is vital to learn to recognize it.

Some of the symptoms of polarity reversal are a clumsiness with words and with your body, and a tendency to avoid being touched, feeling prickly about being close to other people. Having your dowsing response reverse is also a sign of polarity reversal.

We suggest you start any dowsing session with a question that will determine your polarity is accurate and balanced. Most of the time, your birthplace is a good question. I was born in Washington, DC. So I ask, "Was I born in Washington, DC in this life?" I should get a yes response. You can also make a statement instead of a question, as in "I was born in Washington, DC in this life." Yes will be 'true' and no will mean 'false'. Getting yes means your polarity is ok.

Polarity reversal can be resolved in a number of ways. The easiest is to do the thymus thump (make a fist with either hand and tap your breastbone several times while intending to restore your polarity to right and perfect function). Retest the question/statement about your birthplace. Sometimes you need to do the thymus thump more than once.

If it doesn't restore your polarity, you may have chronic polarity reversal, which really should be taken care of. But in the meantime, you can still dowse. Just be aware that yes is no and no is yes for you when your polarity is reversed.

Problem #2: Poor Dowsing Questions

Asking a detailed question when dowsing is really important if you want accurate answers. Include who, what, where, when, how and why if possible. Write your question down if you are new to dowsing. That way, you don't have to remember it, and you can go back and check it out when you get results that are not what you expected. This allows you to perfect your questions.

Too often, people just want to ask a question so they can get an answer. They don't engage their left brain and get specific about what they want to know. They leave out the above details. Or perhaps they use vague words that involve judgment, like 'should' and 'good', two of our least favorite words to use when dowsing.

Try to avoid vague words or words that imply judgment, as judgment is not consistent or universal. For example, if you ask, "Is this wine good for me?", what exactly do you mean? How much wine, drunk how fast? Good in terms of not allergenic, or good for your heart? Good tasting? No hangover?

Take the time to write your detailed question that covers all possible aspects of the subject you are dowsing very clearly using language that is specific and not subject to interpretation. This will give you the best answer you can hope for.

Problem #3: Emotional Issues

Never dowse a subject about which you have strong emotions. And never dowse when your emotions are running high. Dowsing is best done when you are feeling calm, balanced, centered and energetically fit. If you are angry, depressed or upset, just don't dowse. Wait until you feel better.

But what about subjects that push your buttons emotionally? How do people health dowse or dowse about really important issues that can cost a lot of money or be life-changing? It takes a lot of time and practice to be able to become emotionally detached about certain subjects. Nigel & I have been dowsing for years now, but there are still subjects that I will have a friend dowse for me to make sure my answers are correct.

If you are new to dowsing, avoid dowsing about anything that makes you feel you are being tested, you can get a 'wrong' answer, or a wrong answer is going to really be a problem. Start dowsing on simple subjects and learn to cultivate a curious attitude. When you are able to be detached about simple dowsing subjects, you can move on to more challenging ones.

But there will always be some subjects that you will want help on. Having a dowsing buddy who is a good dowser really helps. You can ask them to dowse your question for you. They are hopefully more detached.

You can also blind dowse, which involves putting answers on pieces of paper and folding or scrunching them up. For example, with yes/no answers, put several pieces of paper of the same size, shape and color with either 'yes' or 'no' on them. You want a few yes and a few no papers. Scrunch or fold them up. Toss them on the floor. Dowse the question and point to the papers one at a time until you get a response for the right answer. Having more than one yes and no paper helps you to avoid guessing which is which.

Another example is a woman who adopted kittens we fostered liked all the kittens, but only wanted two. So she put each kitten's name on a paper and made a question that asked which two would be the best in several ways, then she pointed at each paper and dowsed the two kittens. She was very happy with the results.

There are plenty of pitfalls in any activity. By learning to spot them and avoid them, your dowsing will get better, faster. Happy Dowsing!

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Maggie and Nigel Percy specialize in dowsing for personal growth--creating the life you want using dowsing. With that in mind, they are experts in both the 'inner' work of clearing personal blocks and the 'outer work' of space clearing to provide harmonious space for success. They are also expert health dowsers. They have been teaching dowsing together since 2000, and their passion is to empower as many people as possible to learn to dowse. With that in mind, they have created a range of affordable and free products to help people with this goal. Visit their website for more information: http://discoveringdowsing.com