Regardless of how long you have been in business for yourself, marketing your business is integral to your success. Ok, so you know this, at least I hope you do, although you may not like to think about it. If you are marketing correctly it can take up to 40% of your time, unless you have VA or staff you can delegate to which I highly recommend. Most holistic practitioners and coaches do not like to “sell.” I understand because I don’t like this either and in fact I no longer sell, just offer.

We train individuals to become Master Energy and Hawaiian Shamanic Practitioners. We, and our students, know it is a valuable program and we love contributing this imperative information to the world. We feel that nothing could be more spiritual and helpful to holistic practitioners, healers and coaches. Now pay attention because here is the point I want to make about this. What we are really in the business of is marketing a way for holistic practitioners, healers and coaches to enhance the results they get with their clients far above and beyond their current technical skills, do it faster so they can see more clients and make more money so they can give back to society…oh yeah and in the process change their own lives. One of my marketing mentors awakened me to the reality that I’m really in the business of marketing this valuable program. No matter what you were trained to do as your profession you are in the business of marketing it.

You must consistently market what you can do for people and how only you can do it or you are spinning your wheels. Most healers, holistic practitioners and coaches do not like the job of marketing because it doesn’t feel spiritual or feel like they are contributing. Here’s a great way to begin. When you do this Law of Attraction can kick in in a positive way.

Mistake 1: You offer too much or it’s too broad. I have a wonderful friend who is very talented. She has a lot of skills and is always learning more. The problem is she is constantly promoting her latest and greatest “new offer.” I can tell you I have no idea who to refer to her because I don’t know what she really does and who she really wants as clients.

Too often I see holistic practitioners, healers and coaches not achieve their goals because they have “the solution” for everyone. They will offer Such and Such program, ABC service and La Di Da product, which would be ok if it didn’t change in 3 months. This confuses your prospects.

I learned this very hard lesson in our business. However, when we changed just a couple of minor titles and positioning of our program it became very clear what we offered and our business doubled almost overnight. It was great for us and our students.

Spiritual Solution: Go inside and remember why you became trained in your profession. What is your passion? Keep this always in focus. Then discover what it is you do or have that’s fairly unique that will solve your clients’ problem. When you do this you will feel alive and your connection to Spirit will be strong. When you wander or get distracted by the next shiny object you weaken your path and your connection to Spirit and your clients and prospects know it and feel it too.

Think about this for a moment, as a consumer when you seek out a practitioner it’s usually for one specific problem. Then, over time when you find out your practitioner can work other types of magic you keep coming back to her or him because you know, like and trust them. This is who you want to be for your prospects. Be specific, find your niche and target that market. I promise you’ll see greater success.

Affirmation: I am passionate about how I help others and am focused on communicating this to others.

Mistake 2: Lack of Persistence and Consistence. The first 3 years of our business I would change our marketing announcements almost every time I sent them out because I was bored with them. We’d make different offers and announcements, we’d change the name and the format, blah, blah, blah. Our success was hit or miss. If you are doing this, STOP!

Spiritual Solution: Obviously it’s really important that you know there is a market out there for the people you help. If you know this to be true, craft a message about your solution and stick with it. One of the comments I hear most often is “I see your announcements and one of these days I’m going to attend.” We are consistently out there. Planting seeds is wonderful because at some point you harvest what you’ve grown. This persistence and consistence pays off. The path to awakening, enlightenment, success or whatever your goal is can only be reached by being committed, persistent and consistent.

Affirmation: I am committed, persistent and consistent to the path I walk.

Mistake #3: Listening to Fear and Doubt. If you are human you have these thoughts and feelings. It’s when they are misdirected that they become a problem. Fear is actually hardwired into us as a survival mechanism. Being afraid of stepping out onto the path you know you are meant to walk is not survival mode; that fear is misdirected. Doubt and fear that you can achieve the success you want is likely someone else’s beliefs (boss, parents, kids, etc) projected and internalized into your unconscious. It doesn’t feel good. You know it and when you are not feeling good you are not internally aligned with Spirit.

Spiritual Solution: There are many ways of tackling fears and doubts and we are experts in dissolving them. While we teach powerful, simple and effective ways to disburse your fears and doubts, the first place to start is figuring out what they are. You have to begin to pay attention to what you think and when it is not in alignment with your goals. Track your behavior and connect it to your thoughts. If you say you want more clients but don’t return calls promptly or take the necessary steps to market your business, there is an underlying reason and internal conflict that needs to be addressed.
Keep a journal or write your observations on a Post It note. Once you know what the blocks are they can be addressed.

Affirmation: Today I will pay attention to what I think.

While there can be other reasons your business is not as successful as you’d like, such as not having the requisite technical skills, remember that all roads eventually lead back to you. So “you” are the first and best place to start.

Author's Bio: 

Julie Hawkins trains and certifies individuals as Master Energy and Hawaiian Shamanic Practitioners. Julie invites you to find out about your calling to higher consciousness, personal evolution and assisting in changing the world.