Businesses that make money online all require 3 essential elements to become successful in their chosen fields! Many tend to complicate what it takes to develop a profitable business on the internet but the reality is their marketing effectiveness relies primarily on the following 3 components!


Whatever your offer may be it must fill a need or meet a demand! It also helps if people are willing to pay for what you offer it as well! Everything starts with the product you are representing and if it is of good quality and fits the above criteria it increases your chances to become successful building a profitable business! Although the product is of the utmost importance it is only a start since there are 2 other critical components you'll need to increase your marketing effectiveness!

Traffic Generation

Now many confuse the process of generating traffic with actually selling your offer to others! The fact is you must FIRST create an awareness of what you are offering before you can expect to make any sales pitches! This is not to say traffic generation isn't vital to the overall sales process since without it you'll have nobody to promote to but people must first arrive at your site! Once visitors do land on your page it is then that the sales process begins but now until such time occurs!


This is where people are now exposed to more persuasive techniques, strategies or methodologies that focused on influencing others to make the purchase. Here is where effectively written sales copy helps to persuade visitors that by purchasing what you have to offer that they stand to benefit! It is vitally important that when running the ads to entice people to visit your site that they are consistent with what folks will see on your sales page! In doing so you'll only attract those with a sincere interest thereby increasing your marketing effectiveness! Of course this means more sales and profits for you!

It is no coincidence that businesses that make money online have all learned to focus on the 3 primary components we discussed here today! The fact is that to become successful developing a profitable business on the internet all you really need is a good offer, exposure and the ability to persuade people to purchase your product! It is quite common for aspiring entrepreneurs to over complicate this process due to the perceived notion the internet with all its technology is therefore complicated! If you have something others want and you make them aware of how to get it you've already got the key ingredients needed to increase your marketing effectiveness! Of course it is your ability to market effectively that makes for a profitable business and it really doesn't get any simpler than that!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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