Do you save money every month? If you are one of the many who simply spend everything (and more) of what you earn then you are building your financial future on quick sand. Saving money is critically important and even if your employer contribute to your 401k you still have to follow your own savings plan if you want to retire with enough financial security. Far too many people are relying on the government to look after them when they stop working.

Saving is a habit. Its a good habit and one that you simply need to start practicing. Once you get used to it, it gets much easier. Always think of the long term gains and the long term plan. The purpose of doing it is not about "today" but about "tomorrow" and learning to deal with this delayed gratification is crucial. Here are 3 very important tips to help you save.

1. Save at least 10% of everything you earn

Regardless of how much you earn, 10% is something that we can all save. If you have to cut out a few luxuries then do that but make sure that you put away at least 10% of everything you earn. Even when you get a bonus or something like that - don't just spend it. Save 10% of that as well. If you can, try and up this amount by making some simple savings. If you can save 20% of your earnings monthly then compound interest can help you build a very nice nest egg very quickly.

2. Pay yourself first

This is a very old idea and one that was made popular in the book The Richest Man In Babylon. The idea is that you put away your savings first - before you start paying bills and spending money. You still need to be responsible for what you need to pay but the the idea is very powerful and it teaches you to put yourself first. Its the best way to instill this habit in you and to make it a real priority in your life.

3. Never "see" the money

The best way to save and to save effortlessly is to never "see" the money. Set up a direct order with your bank and have the money you dedicate for savings go out of your account first thing every month. If you have to make the decision to put it away yourself every month then you will probably not do it or the temptation will be too great to simply spend the money.

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