So having come to this website, you are probably wondering what personal development is exactly? What does personal development mean and how does it work?

Because “personal development” is a very abstract and general phrase…If we are going to develop ourselves and our lives…where do we start? Where do we end (what is the goal)? What do we do?!

Well I am going to explain that all now, in a way that will not only help you understand personal development and what it is, but how to begin to engage in it for your own benefit, and set you out on your own journey of personal development.

And to set you out on this journey I will be laying out for you the basic progression that personal development takes. For you see I have delineated personal development work into three distinct phases, or “levels” of said work. And using this sequence of engagement you will be able to lay out your own basic personal development path and the progression that you want your self actualization and the cultivation of your dream life to take.

So what are these three phases or “levels” of Personal Development you ask…

Well without further ado, here they are for you:


1.) The “Finding of The Self” and development of ones Ontology – This first phase of Personal Development is the foundation for the other two phases, and perhaps the most important. It is almost impossible to conduct any other personal development work without having a very definitive idea of who you are and what your life is all about. So in True Life Development I teach that all personal development work should begin with finding yourself and formulating your personal ontology. What is Ontology you ask? Well this is the development of your “mission statement” and purpose in life which goes along with the finding of who you really are as a person. Your ontology is your sense of your life’s purpose which gives you the ability to figure out what your “life’s work” is. Without having a good (and definitive) sense of self, and who you really are, you cant develop yourself or become your Ideal self, can you? And you certainly cant find your life’s purpose, much less fulfill it. So it all starts with figuring out who you really are, and what you are all about, so that you can have a definitive sense of what is called your “Identity”. Then once you know what you are all about, you can figure out what your life is all about, and from there, decide what you want your life’s work to be. So this phase can actually be seen as having three sub-levels, which we delineate as such:

A.) Finding yourself and figuring out who you really are as a person

B.) Figuring out what you “are all about”, and what you want your life to be about

C.) Assigning your “life’s purpose”, your “mission statement” and your “life’s work”

2.) Becoming your Ideal Self – Once we have figured out who we really are and what we are all about, we then need to figure out what our ideal self looks like. This is where you decide what you want to develop yourself into and become as a person. This phase of personal development only addresses the development of us as a person, and not our lifestyle however, which we will deal with in the next phase. It is here where you can close your eyes and imagine your dream self, and what they look like, act like, how they feel, what they do, etc. This is you at your happiest, most enlightened, most confident, strongest and most fit and healthy physically, most powerful in every way, most attractive, perhaps wealthiest, most charismatic, best dressed, most affluent in business, and with having everything about you that is important to you idealized in every way. You must assign a definitive identity to your ideal self, and it helps to make a list of the character traits and qualities you want to develop and the strengths you want to possess, and who it really is you want to become. Then once you know the ways in which you can “be the best that you can be” as they say, you can begin to systematically step into that identity and become your “ideal self” using personal development programs and practices. This is where the actual personal development is done, cultivating your character and who you are so that you can become the best you!

And then finally…

3.) Developing your Dream Life! – This is where you take the personal development work you have done and are continuing to do on yourself but can begin to apply it more to your lifestyle. For once you are developing yourself to be the best you can be, then you can really begin to live your dreams! So you now must think about what your dream life consists of, and write down a list of things that you want out of life, and all the ways in which you want to live most ideally. This is perhaps the best part (or at least the most fun) in all personal development work. This is where you get to decide what it is your dreams are in life, and actualize them. So how do you want to live? Do you want to be a great business person or powerful sociopolitical figure? Do you want to be wealthy and live a life of luxury? Do you want to find love and perhaps start a family? Do you want to live in some idyllic location? Do you want to travel and go on adventures? Are there amenities you have always dreamed of having? Are there any amazing things you want to “do” (like activities) in life? It is important to know what we want our life to be most ultimately, because as you are engaging in this personal development work and becoming your best self then you can really begin to live a better life and effectuate all of your wildest dreams. So if you have not yet dreamed them, do so now! Figure out what you want in life and you will be able to get it through this systematic personal development work!

Exciting isn’t it?

Yes…and this is exactly why I have dedicated my life to personal development. It started with myself, but part of my ontology is not only developing myself to the greatest capacity, but wanting to help others do so, and starting this business so that I can fulfill my life’s work in the realm of personal development to the greatest extent. And part of my dream life is being able to effectuate some real change in this world and make a difference. So thank you for reading this blog and allowing me to help you. You can certainly see how rewarding engaging in such work on yourself is, and not only that but how exciting and fun it is too! I mean having the opportunity to figure out what you want to be and do with yourself and do it is such an amazing thing! And knowing that you have the resources and ability to be anything you want to and do anything you want with your life is such an incredible opportunity, and it feels good to have that doesn’t it? So take a moment to realize how auspicious the occasion to be able to engage in actualizing your dreams, and really allow yourself to feel how good it feels to know that you are now beginning to really step into that picture. And be proud of yourself for being the type of person who gets in touch with who they really are and engages in personal development work to become the best that they can be, and effectuate their dream lifestyle. Because there are many people out there who live their lives not knowing who they are or fulfilling their potential as human beings, much less living any kind of above average way. But not you, you are different aren’t you? You are definitely the above average type, the type who will not settle for that kind of mundane lifestyle. You are going to fulfill your potential and your life’s purpose, to live and be the most ultimate life/person you possibly can be. So congratulations for taking that first step on this journey of self actualization. It all has begun right here right now. Now all you have to do is delineate this journey through these three facets of phases I have laid out for you so that you can systematically progress up through these three levels of personal development for the most ultimate experience in life! And luckily for you, with systems like these, its easy! So what are you waiting for? Lets start now!

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Good luck on your path to a better life! :)

And of course, let me know if you need anything!

Author's Bio: 

Brian Krall is a Personal Development Specialist, Ontologist/Logotherapist, and Entrepreneur Coach. He has a Personal Development company called True Life Development where he offers a full free self help resource library and numerous personal development products and programs. Be sure to check it all out here so you can succeed in your life, self actualize, and live your dreams!