What are the vitamins that doctors recommend to treat your tinnitus symptoms and minimize or completely eliminate them? While there are many vitamins and minerals that keep our bodies healthy and in peak condition, there are only a handful of tinnitus vitamins that directly go to the source of the problem and actually help eradicate the noises you hear. These vitamins and minerals have been used in clinical studies and have been found to have some effect on this condition.

Tinnitus vitamins can help in several ways. Some boost the circulation of blood, some boost the circulation of oxygen to your head, and some can protect the cells and nerves in your ears from becoming too damaged. Still others provide nutrients that keep your ears at their optimal condition. The examples below are just some of the vitamins and minerals recommended by doctors to treat and manage tinnitus.

1.Vitamin B - Vitamins B-1, B-3, and B-12 all have specific functions that can help with your symptoms and are recommended tinnitus vitamins . These can stabilize your nervous system in general and your inner ear in particular, support blood circulation, and help with stabilizing the auditory pathways to fight against age-related deafness. These vitamins can all be ingested or injected.

2.Zinc - Zinc is found in large quantities in the inner ear and is believed to be helpful in avoiding hearing loss. A study conducted showed that a group with zinc deficiency had more tinnitus symptoms that those who were exposed to loud noises. Zinc can be found in foods like spinach, oysters, and brussel sprouts. It is one of the more accessible vitamins because you can get a good dose while you eat your meals instead of buying supplements.

3.Vitamin A - Vitamin A is also found in high concentrations on the cochlea and is needed for the cells in the inner ear to function properly. Vitamin A deficiency has also been linked to the decreased ability to hear, which makes it an important vitamin to take.

Even though these tinnitus vitamins are easily accessible, it is important to take note of the maximum recommended dosage for each. After all, you wouldn't want to overdose on these. Also, the efficacy of these vitamins varies from person to person. The best way to go about it is to pick one and give it a trial run of anywhere between two weeks to a month (depending on doctor's orders). This way, you can find out which of these tinnitus vitamins have a positive effect on you and actually helps with reducing that noise in your head.

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