If you’re like most people, you deal with gas, bloated belly and indigestion. It’s become such a common occurrence; most people automatically reach for the “thick pink liquid” or a little pill to get rid of the problem. Or so they think.

The problem goes beyond the symptoms and actually is more likely caused from a backed-up gut.

A backed-up gut can cause countless problems including a higher risk for colon cancer, skin rashes, irritability and low energy.

That’s the bad news. The good news is, there’s a very simple solution that won’t cost you a thing other than a few seconds of time. It’s called the 30-Second Gut Flush.

What is the 30-Second Gut Flush?

I created the 30-Second Gut Flush to address the condition of a backed-up gut many clients I have and continue to work with experience.

The Gut Flush is an energy technique to keep your body and belly happy. This simple daily exercise encourages your body to remove fecal matter along with the toxins you ingest on a daily basis.

Ten benefits of the 30-Second Gut Flush:

1. Slim the belly and reduce belly fat
2. Increase oxygen in your body
3. Release bloating and gas
4. Better blood circulation
5. Stimulate organs, glands, lymph system, and chakras
6. Relax muscle tension around the bowel
7. Help dislodge or break up fecal matter
8. Improve brain communication
9. Help balance bodily systems
10. More effective than antacids and laxatives!

This exercise is easy to do lying down but can also be done standing or sitting.

1. Focus on your abdominal area from the bottom of your ribcage to the top of your groin and pelvic bone. Mentally divide this area into three parts:
a. Under your right rib/breast to the top of your right hip bone
b. Under the center of your sternum/breast bone to your pelvic/pubic bone
c. Under your left rib/breast to the top of your left hip bone

2. Put the palm of your hand flat on the right-hand section with your fingers extended.

3. Take nice deep breaths as you rub the section with a light, downward sweep, performing ten sweeps on each section, moving right to left.

4. Keep breathing deeply as you do three sets of ten sweeps. Deep breathing helps clear toxins while oxygenating your brain and body.

You can watch a video of the Gut Flush technique at www.TheFoodCodes.com

Make it Part of Your Daily Routine

Do the Gut Flush every morning before you get out of bed to start your day, and as you lie down at bedtime to balance yourself at the end of your day. You can also do it before
and/or after meals to aid digestion. It is one of the easiest and most beneficial exercises of your day. You can do it when traveling and when sitting for long periods of time.

A client told me she was waiting in the airport between flights and started feeling full and sluggish. She did the Gut Flush right there in the crowded airport and felt better quickly.

You can also use this technique on children and babies. Always use gentle, light strokes. You can stroke lightly with your fingertips. Do not use pressure, jab, or poke!

Children can do the Gut Flush by themselves. It’s fun, and they often have tummy aches that can be relieved with this simple technique.

Animals love this technique too. Help your pet’s digestion and health with the Gut Flush, especially if they like having their belly rubbed.

The Gut Flush can also be performed without touching your body. Simply sweep your hand in the method shown without touching your body. The energy from your hand is very effective, especially when you have a skin rash or pain.
Again, be sure to visit www.TheFoodCodes.com to watch the short video of The Gut Flush Technique.

Author's Bio: 

Lana Nelson is a Certified Emotion and Body Code consultant, Lana has developed one of the easiest techniques on the planet to help anyone discover what foods really are “good for you!”

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