The 4 C’s of Teamwork

The top priority for many leaders is how to make the team work as a TEAM! Successful projects depend on how well the team works together. Definitely in the world of business, no team is perfect. To begin working as ONE team, the starting point is to clearly outline the vision of the project.

Several studies and research have revealed that to lead a team as one, we need to look at factors such as commitment, contributions, communication, and cooperation.


Associates will show dedication when they understand the objective of the project and share the company’s vision. It is very important have a clear direction. Understanding how their efforts will fit into the over-all project will keep team members inspired. The group must agree with the goals and principles that they need to accomplish. Commitment is the greatest foundation for all types of groups to synergize and to have a shared purpose.


To have a highly effective balance of group performance, it is important to have associates who offer a strong interpersonal and technical skills and the desire to learn. To propel members to contribute, they must think that they are an important part of the group and the more they feel part of the group, the more the associates will live up to their roles. Enhancing their feelings of inclusion, support, and efforts to the team's goals will empower the team more.


Working as a group will be fully maximised when associates have the freedom to speak out their thoughts, ask for help and discuss new concept. Groups can work together in an environment where associates show concern, believe in one another, and concentrate on the things that work best. Communication – when it is done openly, constructively and effectively performs an important part in developing cohesive teams.


To facilitate cooperation amongst team members, one must highlight the positive effects that are brought by each individual. The efficiency and value of the associates must be obvious to demonstrate that everything that they do – or do not do – has an effect on the entire project. Furthermore, members cooperate when there is respect for time, creativity, and trust.

Being on a team and working together is a bit like being part of a family. For teams to foster – with added value -- we must develop a generous spirit, value the individual, develop team trust, communicate openly, accept differences, and share successes.

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