A money making blog involves many aspects that need to 'come together' in order for you to get paid to blog. Obviously one of the most important factors is the amount of blog traffic you are able to generate but it is really more a matter of how you do this and then what you do with it that counts. When creating a blog there are actually 4 areas that need to be considered if you are blogging to make money that will factor greatly into your success.

If you intend to get paid to blog there are four cornerstones you will need to establish.


Every successful blogging site starts with a foundation of solid, useful and relevant content. Without content that is of interest or useful to visitors there is little chance developing a steady stream of blog traffic. Without traffic there is little reason to even post to the site since nobody will be reading it therefore it all begins with what your site contains in terms of content.

Industry Knowledge

Blogging to make money will require either a very good knowledge of the industry and/or niche you are in or a passion to learn about it. Previously we spoke of the importance of content but it is your passion and willingness to continue your education in the field that will help you sustain the flow of this content. As you increase your own knowledge you then pass it along through your posting on the site.

Community Relationships

Networking out into your community or niche is a great way to stay connected to any new trends you may have missed otherwise. The contacts you make within your niche will also likely lead to improvements on your own site along with fresh content ideas and additional traffic through referrals.

The more you network out the greater your exposure and also the more inbound links you will also gain as a result.

Develop a Responsive List

No matter what type of platform you are using whether it is a website or a blogging site, building a list is a very important component for any online business. The key here is that you want this list to be responsive otherwise you are simply wasting both time and effort.

Upon capturing any contact information you should immediately begin to build a relationship with the new list members BEFORE you begin promoting to them. It is the trust you build during this time that will make your list members more responsive to your promotional efforts.

Building a money making blog involves more than simply generating a healthy amount of blog traffic to your site. It is in the way the traffic is generated and what you do with it that will decide your degree of success. The 4 cornerstones you will want to concern yourself with when creating a blog are reviewed above and will factor significantly into you're your ability to earn an income. Blogging to make money does of course call for plenty of traffic but it will ultimately be the way you sustain the traffic and what you do with it that will make the biggest difference.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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