It hit me while I was having an inspiring conversation this week with a woman wanting to get a job selling mops like I do. After seeing my numbers and opening the door to possibility that she could also make 900$ a day selling mops, noticing her eyes glisten and sparkle as she soaked up every morsel of information I gave her as if it were the most important thing in the world, I felt inspiring. Then I realized that my 900$ a day earnings (although above average to many) could also be seen as a fart in a windstorm compared to someone who say makes 9000$ a day, or even 900$ an hour. Which leads us to our first key to building lasting wealth.

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Tall, bright, highly charged and enthusiastic about life - travels all over the world so I am rarely home in Montreal Canada.

Im a marketing and sales specialist and law of attraction coach helping people live life on Full Power! I help people connect to their wisdom within and get clear about how to come from a place of authenticity and build a fulfilling life through accessing the power of the Universe.