In the present times, driving a car is easy for both men and women, and when one has the right training as well as a license to be on the road, there is no looking back. No matter how easy it gets for trained drivers, it is not the same when a woman is pregnant and is driving. Not all women undergo the same sensations and physical changes during pregnancy and coming up with specific tips on driving during pregnancy would make the information partial.

It often depends on the need for driving or their health conditions at that time when it comes to driving during pregnancy. No matter how experienced you may be with driving, there is the need to be very cautious when it comes being on the road as accidents and mishaps can happen anytime, and you are risking your life as well as for the baby.

Here are a few basic tips that come directly from the driving experts helping out with female driving lessons in Bankstown as well as instructors from driving schools. These tips can be applied to all pregnant women while keeping in mind the individual requirements.

Female Driving Lessons Bankstown

Check the car’s condition every time:

With this we mean the fuel level, the oil levels, the functionality of the wipers, indicator lights, headlights, air conditioner, tyres, etc. you wouldn’t want to tread halfway out on the road and witness a breakdown or probably an accident. If you wouldn’t have been pregnant, things would at least be under control where bending down and changing tyres can be done which isn’t possible while pregnant. Therefore, if you are driving alone, ensure someone checks all of this for you before you leave. If things take place while you are on the way, you should always have the mechanic handy to reach you and rescue.

Take along an emergency kit:

It would include the basic accessories that you may need when you are out. Taking along emergency medicines, water, towel, torch, etc. would ensure that you are safe. If you feel nauseated during pregnancy, you could try switching off the air conditioner and pull down the windows while driving. You may feel uncomfortable especially when you step into the car after it staying closed for long. Consult your doctor as soon as you witness discomfort and take necessary steps accordingly.

Wear seat belts even if there are airbags:

Several pregnant women feel that wearing seat belts would harm the baby inside, but in reality, nothing would be harmful when worn properly. The shoulder strap should rest neatly on the chest and nothing close to the face while the lap belt should be placed under the tummy. Placing it over the bump may put pressure on the baby inside. If at any time you meet with an accident, the airbags would rescue you but the seat belt would prevent your body from the movement caused by the jerk.

Avoid much of distractions:

Pregnancy can get you moody and to ease that, you could consider listening to soothing music without any pumping beats. There is a lot that your body would witness on a daily basis, and any distractions can make things worse. Avoid attending to phone calls or probably listening to loud music. Look ahead, breathe normally and do not panic for anything.

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