Deep Breathing Techniques are beneficial for every human health condition. The body completely depends on the quality and skill of our breathing to supply oxygen to the brain, organs, tissues and muscles. The quality of our lives, our overall health and wellness, and our life span are all directly related to how well our lungs operate and oxygenate.

The effectiveness and performance of all of the systems in our body depend on our respiratory abilities; the cardiovascular/circulatory system, our digestion, cognitive function, eyesight, our strength and energy, our ability to heal from injury, and our ability to rest and sleep are just a few.

Over the course of a lifetime, the capacity to fully respirate diminishes after our 20s. As we grow older and older the ability to fully supply our body's need of oxygen greatly decreases unless we make conscious and concerted effort to build the skills required to maintain and enhance the lung capacity and keep the body systems clean, healthy and operating adequately.

How Conscious and Deliberate Breathing helps to prevent Gout.

1. The habit of shallow and/or weak breathing allows the slow formation and accumulation of uric acid in the bloodstream. A pronounced example of this is with the condition of Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition where the breathing stops for 10 - 30 seconds at a time during sleep. If this occurs many times during a night, the blood oxygen is reduced causing a process that generates more and more uric acid to enter the blood. Also within this process, carbon dioxide increases in the blood and creates an over-acidic condition that results in monosodium urate turning into crystals in the joints. Poor breathing habits can also produce the same effects over time, in a less dramatic context.

2. The human body also depends heavily on the Lymphatic System to maintain a flow of nutrients to all the cells of the body, while also serving to remove toxic wastes. The Lymph system is an intricate system that is more extensive than the Circulatory system; there is more Lymph fluid in our bodies than there is blood and more linear footage of vessels to transport it. Because there is no Heart to serve as a pump to actually move the Lymph fluid, it is completely dependent on the action and motion of our breathing and our physical movement. The more complete and well-executed the motion of our breathing is, the better our Lymph system performs and the less acidic buildup can occur.

3. Stress is a very large and serious part of how acid waste is manufactured and consequently stored in our bodies. Similar to the different kinds of foods we eat, what is in the air we breathe, and the toxic chemicals in our environment, our very own metabolism creates very acidic substances. If not managed and controlled, the slow and steady corrosive nature of Adrenaline and Cortisol will damage and destroy our veins, arteries, and other tissues, and create the perfect environment for gout to flourish. Deep and complete breathing practices allow for greater relaxation of the body and the mind, and negates the acid generating thoughts and emotions that run counter to optimal health.

4. Acidosis is classified in two ways; metabolic and respiratory. Respiratory Acidosis is when acidic waste forms as the result of the body's inability to remove carbon dioxide through effective breathing. Hemoglobin is a very complex molecule that has several functions, one of which is to collect the acidic hydrogen atoms and bind with them to neutralize their damaging acidity. Because of that, breathing normally is vital for the acid/alkaline balance and is the most important pH-regulating mechanism of the body.

In conclusion, breathing fully, completely, and consciously, is very much a requirement for vibrant health and increased longevity. It is every bit as important to control and avoid gout and gout attacks as a well-thought out diet and a comprehensive plan of physical exercise.

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Gout treatment always falls into two categories: allopathic or holistic. Gout medications are an effective short term measure but depending on them to correct the root cause of gout is not the proper mindset to operate from to permanently control gout.

Bert Middleton, The Gout Killer!