Not long ago, I began the 20/20/20 process based on Robin Sharma’s book The 5 a.m. Club.

In a nutshell, you commit for 66 days to get up at 5 a.m. and do a process that includes 20 minutes each of:

1. Exercise
2. Journaling
3. Reading or watching something to enhance your mind, body, spirit.

In that I have been doing Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning for well over a year AND I get up by 4:44 a.m. every day (at least 90% of the time) I figured it would be a walk in the park…until this morning. I didn’t “feel” like getting up. For about a minute I lay in bed, convinced one day of not doing the 20/20./20 would make that much difference.

Well, it DOES make a difference. What we do in private is far more important than what we do publicly. It didn’t take more than a minute or two to realize that letting this commitment slide, even for a day, was setting the tone for many other habits I am developing.
Habits Are Essential

Whether it’s a habit around Plant Based Eating, exercise, business, meditating, writing or whatever I personally commit to, it’s about consistent action.

Anything you say you want, you have to be willing to go through the times when you just don’t feel like taking the action.

For well over a year, I’ve been following the works of Mel Robbins. She talks a lot about the need to do things even when (especially when) we don’t feel like it. According to Mel, our greatest success resides on the other side of “I don’t feel like it.”
Plant Based Commitment

When I committed to eating plant based in September of 2018, I did so with every intention of sticking with it. And I have. But the fact is, I could have easily given up on the commitment if I didn’t feel like eating healthy.

There’s a reason the diet industry is a multi billion dollar industry. People want quick fixes. Sure, they say they want to eat healthy, but then when they don’t “feel” like sticking with their healthy eating protocol, they quickly forget their commitment.

What I’ve discovered by committing to the 20/20/20 process is this; I may not feel like getting up and jumping right into 20 minutes of exercise in my front room, followed by writing and reading, but when I finish I have a strong sense of accomplishment.

It is this feeling of accomplishment (or lack thereof) that sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Our life is simply a culmination of our days. Our days are micro views of our life. How we conduct ourselves today, determines the quality of our tomorrows.

Add up enough days and tomorrows and you have an amazing life. What is your commitment to your life? Whatever it is, what you do each and every day determines the outcome.

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Specializing in working with businesses who believe a healthy workforce is a happy and productive workforce, Kathleen discovered the life-changing power of plant-based eating in her sixties. Seeing what it did for her energy, focus, creativity and waistline, Kathleen loves working with those who are open to the possibility of what plant-based eating can do for them and their bottom-line (both the one they sit on and the one that reflects their revenues) Access her FREE ebook – Beginner’s Guide to Plant Based Eating at and visit her plant based blog at Join the FB group Plant Based Eating for Health.