Taking a trip in your own motorhome is exciting and adventurous, but it is also comfortable and luxurious. One of the best things about a motorhome holiday is you can take as much as you want from home – so long as you stay within the weight limit. Here are some motorhome owners’ favourite accessories that help to make a motorhome jaunt a little bit more relaxing.

1. Extensive Awning

You won’t have as much space in your motorhome as you do in your house. But you can make life more comfortable by attaching an awning to your motorhome. It’s the perfect accessory to extend your space and provide an area for sitting, playing or cooking. You have extra room to manoeuvre when it is raining, and you can often leave the awning up when you take your vehicle with you for the day. This provides a quick and efficient solution to set up camp again when you return.

2. Bike Rack

Bringing a bike is perfect for when you want to explore further on your holiday. You can go further into the countryside without having to pack up and drive your motorhome. You can leave it camped at the site and set off on two wheels to get close to nature, discover areas of natural beauty, or visit the beach. A bike rack is an essential accessory for getting active on your holiday. You can find bike racks for different numbers and sizes of bikes, for kids and adults. Most attach very easily to your motorhome to make driving safe.

3. Fold-Up Furniture

You have chairs and beds in your motorhome but there is nothing nicer than sitting outside with a drink on a warm afternoon or eating al fresco in the summer. Take along some fold-up chairs and a table so you can enjoy your time in the great outdoors. Choose lightweight options so you don’t add too much weight and bulk.

4. Wi-Fi Booster

Many sites provide free Wi-Fi but often you need to be parked right next to the source of the signal to get any reception. Alternatively, some sites give free Wi-Fi but only in the lounge or bar. You can combat this by taking your own Wi-Fi booster with you to get a better signal from a greater distance. Perfect for checking your phone or doing some work online.

5. Battery or Solar Lights

You’ll need something to take outside with you while you’re enjoying the sunset from your outdoor furniture. There are some powerful solar lights that you charge during the day for environmentally friendly light in the evening. Or choose a good quality battery operated lantern to cast a cosy glow. And don’t forget your torch so you can find your way to the toilet block or the bar at night.

When looking for accessories for Motorhomes Scotland visitors and residents check out the popular motorhome dealers for advice and sales. If you’ve got your heart set on one of these must-have motorhome gadgets, visit your motorhome dealer or take a trip to an outdoors store.

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