Do you have the desire to create wealth and abundance in your life but no matter what you try you simply cannot seem to attract it? For many people attracting wealth seems so easy and effortless but for others it's a lifetime struggle.


Creating wealth and abundance - regardless of what that means to you is not something that some people are "born with" or lucky to get but rather something that relies on your beliefs and your consciousness. In fact, having the natural talents to do something or the resources to achieve it are not required to create wealth. Its all about your beliefs and if you cannot attract the wealth that you desire then it all boils down to your beliefs. They are like mental blocks that prevents the floodgates of wealth from opening up in your life.

What are the mental blocks then and how can you overcome them? Well, being aware of them is the first step and seeing them in yourself can help you to correct your mind and overcome it. Here are the 5 most prominent blocks to wealth and abundance.

- I don't deserve it.
As long as you don't believe you deserve to be as wealthy as anyone else then you won't be. Know this - you deserve all the wealth and abundance in the universe. After all, why not?

- There's not enough.
As long as you believe that there is lack and shortage in the world then you will never get your share. Like the ocean there is an endless supply of wealth and there is more than enough for you to claim yours.

- I have to screw other people.
Do you have the belief that rich people are rude and that you will have to become like that in order to be rich? Do you believe that rich people are dishonest and that cheating is the only way to get rich? No wonder you can't attract wealth if you are a good person.

- Money is the root of all evil.
This is one that many of us grew up hearing our parents drill into us. The truth is that money can't be evil. It's just money. Its people that make themselves "evil." A wise man once said that money will amplify whatever you are. If you are good then money will make you better. If you are evil, then money will make you more evil. Forget about this stupid idea that money will corrupt you into being an evil person.

- Getting rich is too much hard work.
Do you believe that in order to make a lot of money you have to kill yourself working some important job in an office? While its certainly possible, the reality is that those people who are making the most money are those who are doing what they love. Find what you love, do that and do it with passion. This is when abundance will flow into your life.

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