Customer support outsourcing has been in prevalence for a long time. Due to the many advantages it offers, it is utilized by businesses across the globe. Even the skeptics of yore are convinced now about the efficacy of outsourcing services, provided they are handled by competent vendors. However, if you haven’t yet made up your mind about outsourcing because of one reason or another, you should have a look at some of the advantages it offers.

Cost reduction across all spheres

The biggest advantage of customer support outsourcing services comes in the form of cost savings. Not only an in-house operation is difficult to run, it also requires you to make huge investments. You need to buy or lease real-estate, spend heavily on infrastructure and at the same time upgrade your resources with timely investments. On the other hand, a competent outsourcing company has you covered on all fronts. They already have readymade resources, which you can start using as soon as you associate with them. And, as you pay a recurring fee on contractual basis, there is no need to make a big capital investment upfront.

Currency exchange rate advantage

Apart from cost reduction across all spheres, you can further bring down the expense of your call center operation by employing the services of an offshore company. For example, an outsourced customer service in India can lower the cost by up to 5 times. This reduction in cost is possible due to lower currency value in developing countries like India. So, when a company in developed country like the US employs offshore outsourcing, it benefits greatly due to a currency exchange rate that works in its favor.

Access to pertinent skills

For a call center operation to run properly, it requires skillful workforce across all departments. A quality call center outsourcing company has skilled personnel handling all the tasks ranging from call-taking agents to team leaders to managers. Outsourced customer service in India is not only beneficial in terms of cost; it is also rich in the right talent for the job.


Every business in today’s world revolves around software. Call center operations are also not very different. You need software solutions like CRM and call center software to address your customers’ queries in a better way. A quality CRM solution can provide relevant information to the agents about the customer before they even pick up the call. This helps them in staying proactive and also allows them to solve customers’ queries in a better way. A high-end CRM can instantly improve call center ratings like FCR, AHT and CSAT, apart from being a blessing for the call center agents that are responsible for taking the calls.

No loss of focus on the core process

When you outsource your call center business to a capable company, you are able to focus more on your core competencies. This allows you to work single-mindedly on your main product/service, which ultimately helps you come up with better tactics to tackle emerging issues and devise better strategies to undertake future work.

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