Paige and I have been studying Universal Laws and Personal Prosperity Principles for years (I mean decades), but it wasn’t until we added Business Success Strategies and more importantly ACTION to the mix that we actually began to PROFIT.

And that is exactly what I want to talk to you about today… Profit.

We want to share with you the 6 Keys you can use to unlock the door to profits, so you can start to profit in your business and in your life.

The Keys are simple and you may already have several of them in your possession, but are you using them in the right order?

Let’s go ahead and jump in:

1) Plan –Your plan is the first and foundational key. With your plan you are able to focus your energy and attention. You know what to do and when.

Your plan includes who your ideal client is and where to find them – your Niche. It also includes how you help them, what you charge and how you package it – your Offer.

Your plan also includes how you talk to them and what you do to bring them into work with you – this is Sales Strategy.

Your plan tells you exactly how much money you need to live the way you desire and exactly how many clients you need for that to happen – your Goal.

As you can see, having your Plan is really important and it is nearly impossible to profit without a plan. The other cool thing about your plan is, if you ever get lost or confused you just need to return to your plan.

2) Resilience – Now resilience or persistence is so key that Napoleon Hill wrote an entire chapter about it in Think and Grow Rich.

After spending 25 years in the entertainment industry and spending years studying successful people, the thing that I see that separates those who succeed from those who quit is that the successful people got up off the mat one more time than they got knocked down. That has certainly been the case for Paige and me.

Resilience requires you to continually move forward (even if it’s a baby-step). Resilience requires you to grow and expand, to invest in yourself and in your business.

To surround yourself with like-minded people, people who can hold the Truth for you, even when you can’t see it for yourself. It’s all about getting support!!

Without Resilience there can be no profit, for if you are not being persistent and consistent, you will not still be standing when the profits you are currently attracting start coming to you.

3) Opportunity – Raymond Holliwell tells us that we cannot have a desire without the way for that desire to come into our life being present in your life right now.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it was really hard for me to “see” any opportunity when Paige and I couldn’t see any way to pay our bills. I couldn’t “see” the opportunity when we ate rice and beans for a whole month. But it was there the WHOLE time. And once we saw the opportunity and took action on it, we more than quadrupled our income in 1 month.

That’s the thing about opportunity, it seldom comes in through the front door saying, “I’m here!”

Napoleon Hill calls it the sly disguise of opportunity, and shares that it often comes disguised as temporary defeat.

This is why it is so important to be resilient and to surround yourself with mentors who can help you see the opportunity that is right in front of you.

4) Focus – What you focus on expands, so make sure you’re focusing on what you want not what you don’t. Your thoughts and words have power, use them wisely.

Again surround yourself with like-minded people that are not coming from a lack mentality.

We actually had to separate ourselves from many friends, family members and even entertainment choices, until we were able to control what we focused on.

This is where having that plan can truly simplify your life. You have your Goal and all the steps to get there.

You’re clear about your next steps and you are taking those steps every day. And you have accountability in place to help you attain your goals.

5) Immersion – This is where you take time to work ON your business, not IN your business.

This is key, because what we see all the time (and we have been guilty of this our selves) is spending so much time working in our business that we lose perspective and lose our footing… and wow, we’ve even seen people lose themselves.

That’s why Paige and I take time to get immersed ON our business all the time. Whether it’s a VIP day with one of our mentors, a Master Mind retreat with like-minded business owners, or our weekly get-together with each other.

We take time out to check in with our plan and our goals. We are consistently asking the questions… What can we create that will help our people even more? What trend are we seeing, how can we maximize what is happening out in the world and bring it back to our community to help them grow and expand their businesses?

6) Team – This is truly the most ignored and misunderstood key to profits, and without this key the rest will truly fall apart and the door to profits will slam shut on you.

You need to create your success yourself, but you can’t do it alone.

That’s why it’s critical to your success that you have the support you need to reach your goals. You truly need a team in place to create the business and success you truly desire.

If Paige and I didn’t have a team, we wouldn’t be able to maintain our business and it certainly would not grow. The same is true for you.

The only things you should be doing in your business is your client work (whatever it is you do for your clients) and getting new clients. A.K.A. working in your brilliance and only your brilliance.

Now you may not be ready to hire a 5 person team, but you can get a VA (virtual assistant) to help you a few hours a month getting your newsletter out, etc. Every time we have invested in getting more team support our profits have leaped forward.

The other critical part of your team, is your mentor. You need one…period. It’s that simple. There is no one I can think of who is successful in business without a mentor.

Your Mentor is the person who has been there, has seen it. They are further down the road. They are constantly growing and learning more. They hold that successful vision for you even when you can’t.

Your Mentor helps you develop the Plan that works for you. They help keep you Resilient and perseverant. They help you see the Opportunity, especially when you can’t. They help keep you Focused, so you are constantly moving toward your goal. They help you get Immersed ON your business and help you keep perspective. And finally they help you to build the Team that will support you in your success.

As you can see your Mentor will help you to P.R.O.F.I.T.

Ask yourself if you are taking the steps to P.R.O.F.I.T.?

Do you have a clear and simple Plan for your business?

Are you being Resilient in all you do?

Are you looking for Opportunity in everything?

Are you Focused on what you desire?

Are you Immersing yourself ON your business?

Do you have your Team in place? Including your Mentor and support?

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have everything in place. Just ask yourself, “What’s the one thing I could do today to move closer to having this in place?” Then take action on that one thing.

See, you’re already being more Resilient. :-)

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