Garages are a popular entry point for criminals, especially as many of them are not properly secure and are often left open when they shouldn’t be. Investing in a security system for your garage, couple with reinforced locks, can help make your garage more secure, but what about the door itself?

Talk to your local garage door expert about security measures for your garage, and if you’re trying to choose the most secure type of door, here are 5 of the best:

1.Steel garage doors
Heavy-duty steel is by far and wide the most secure type of material for a garage door to be constructed from, and only a truly determined (and crazy!) burglar would make the effort to try and break into it with the help of a tool such as an axe. Of course, they could try, but they would never succeed. However, just because you have a garage door made of steel, it’s important not to neglect the locks and windows; make your entire garage burglar proof and consult with your local garage door supplier or locksmith if you need help with this.

2.Sectional garage doors
Closing fully without leaving a gap for forced entry, sectional garage doors are arguably the safest; with the rollers encased in the guide tracks, there are no immediate vulnerable points for burglars to take advantage of.

3.Insulated garage doors
Now we’re talking about protection of a different kind. An insulated garage door doesn’t necessarily make your garage burglar-proof, but it does help to keep your home more protected from the elements, which let’s face it, can be just as destructive as a criminal at times! Helping to make your home more energy efficient and structurally sound, insulated garage doors are the smart choice for anyone looking to save money on their energy bills while helping to protect the planet.

4.Locking garage doors
While many garage doors have a remote key opener for opening, closing and locking, it can be helpful to securely lock your garage door manually, when you’re out of town. Talk to your local licensed locksmith about the best kind of lock for your garage door.

5.Second generation remote transmitters
It’s important to make the switch to a new remote controlled garage door transmitter if yours is an older one that criminals can use with a captured programming code. Newer, second generation transmitters have rolling codes that change each time, making it virtually impossible for a criminal to crack.

To help you make a more informed choice about the right kind of garage door for your home, schedule a consultation with a professional garage door supplier and installer.

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