1. Exploitation is not partnership. A virile or impetuous man and his girl should trust themselves in relationship, they should have just regard for each other and should not do not take unfair advantage of each other. A girl who is a ball and chain to her man do not give him a shot in the arm to play ball with her; dependence and confidence are important tools you need to have a ball, have a lot on the ball and get the ball of your relationship rolling. Friendship is as important as partnership.

2. A man that makes fun of a courageous woman who speaks with hesitations and repetitions, by imitating her in an exaggerated way should face her strong feeling of grievance and displeasure. A man that stick his neck out to a girl wearing a shoe with high pointed heel should get ready to move or walk unsteadily, almost but not quite falling down.

3. An adult male human being who could afford to practice sexual intercourse with a young unmarried woman should also afford to unite with her in marriage. The truth that is sticking to the facts is sexual intercourse where sexual orgasm happen within and sexual intercourse where the penis is removed before ejaculation are not for singles or illegitimate couples. No matter matter how you look at it, aborting an unborn child is killing the inner realizable purpose of life that is getting the Earth and everything on it better. If you do not want the child, do not practice the act carried out for reproduction or pleasure involving penetration, especially one in which a man inserts his penis into a woman`s vagina.

4. Bringing your great destiny to an end and calling down a cause of unhappiness or moral impairment on yourself just because of few seconds of fortuitous and wispy ecstasy does not worth it. There is more to life than what you see through, it is enough than any alternative to be wise and live wisely.The high opinion that people hold about you is worth protecting from the risk of loss or total destruction.

5. The most kept secret is no longer stealthy! In fact it is no longer surreptitious. Every sexual relation that takes place between a man and a girl who is not his legally, lovely-wedded and legitimate wife is an act of sexual degeneracy; a perfect act of depravity and immorality. Every sexual immorality is an absorbed, preoccupied, engrossed, wrapped and deep immersion into an ocean of insignificant and illegally operating spirits.

6. A man of uprightness encourages goodness and decency; he build his relationship based on trust and intimacy. A woman who has ability to behave kindly, believe in her man`s abilities and give her man active help, and encouragement is a woman who will enjoy feeling of certainty and attention in her relationship.

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