The 7 day detox has a number of definitions, which makes knowing what it really is a dilemma. Because of the popularity of the term, many “health experts” are creating their own 7 day detox. So the question is, what is the real one and are the other ones any good?

The original 7 day detox is a originally a colon cleanse that has been around for centuries. It is a fasting program using psyllium, bentonite clay, aloe vera juice and a little unfiltered, organic apple juice. This is taken up to five times per day while not eating anything during this period, for 7 whole days.

This particular fast was written about as far back as the Essene scrolls, which dates around biblical times. It has been used ever since to help eliminate intestinal sludge buildup, aiding in weight loss, clearing skin and eliminating health problems. It was made famous by Arise & Shine products and Victor Irons before that.

This fast has stayed popular because it is highly effective for most people. Unlike the lemonade fast, it is more proactive at removing intestinal buildup because the ingredients help to soften waste quicker. This enables it to leave faster. This waste is said to add from five up to 20 or more pounds of internal waste.

Those who have cleared this waste sometimes call it mucosal plaque. Some say this is merely the fiber leaving the body. However, this seems unreasonable since this waste is anywhere from an olive green color to black. If you add a fiber supplement to a glass of water and leave it sit, it does not miraculously turn black.

Because the term 7 day detox is so popular many other short programs have come into play. These are mainly very lean diets that are said to get rid of toxins. While they may be a quick fix and a way to eat light and healthy for a week, the long term results can not be the same. This is because 7 days is a short time to get rid of years of waste, therefore supplements are used to expedite the process.

Yet, any 7 day detox can be beneficial at resetting digestion, clearing waste from the body, normalizing appetite, and even raising energy levels. When done correctly by preparing your body for this cleanse, it is possible to gain long term benefits.

Preparing for any fast is necessary to avoid the common side effects, especially of this particular detox. Your body can be thrown off balance by going from a mainly processed food diet to no food at all. You will get better and longer lasting results by eating healthy in the days before your fast. This will make your hard work pay off instead of making you sick.

If you decide to try the 7 day detox, don't forget to prepare. When you do, you will reap the benefits that many other happy people have over the centuries.

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Cindy has been helping clients as a nutritional counselor for 17 years. Learn more about the 7 Day Detox or other Fasting programs and keep yourself safe while getting extremely healthy.