Now you may have just read that title and been all like “What? Seven Logical Levels of Thought Processing? What the hell does that even mean?” And I’m glad you asked (If you did), because obviously that is what this post is for! haha.

So I will start by defining what exactly having “Seven Logical Levels of Thought Processing” even means for all of you out there who are giving me a big “what the??” when you read that, and have perhaps just opened this out of pure curiosity…or confusion.


First of all I will tell you where this model comes from, which is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This is a model of Consciousness, one of the great contributions the field of NLP have made to Psychology, and human awareness and mastery over the human condition in general. As NLP has been able to delineate huge amounts of highly technical (and technological) information about the human psyche.

And what NLP has delineated about our logical thought processing is that it occurs on seven different levels. That is we logically assimilate information on seven different levels, in regards to seven different levels that reality takes for us in our human condition.

These seven levels in which we process this information about our personal reality are distinctly different, but interrelated and each one feeds and filters information into the next, almost like a cause and effect.

So knowing about and understanding these 7 levels of how we process and organize information about ourselves is very useful not just to understand the human condition, but to be able to self actualize through this understanding and most of all our ability to logistically develop a practical application of this knowledge by putting it into action in our life for our personal development and success.

So now that you understand the basis of what this model is and why it is significant, I will explain to you exactly what each of these 7 levels of logic/thought processing are…

Right now!


1.) Your Environment – The perception and assimilation of that which is physically surrounding you.

2.) Your Behaviors – The actions you exert outwardly towards/in your environment

3.) Your Skills/Capabilities – The ability to do things, and how you are able to do them and act/behave within your environment

4.) Your Motivation – The reasoning and emotional factors behind the skills/capabilities you have to behave/act the ways in whichyou do in your environment

5.) Your Beliefs and Values – The ideals, or ethical and/or philosophical considerations you have in your mind that motivate you to do the things you do in your life in your environment.

6.) Your Identity – The self awareness and sense of who you are as a person which gives you the life philosophy and core values that you have which motivates you to do what you do in your life. This is the part of your mind that says to you “Because that is just who I am” in times of extreme internal inquiry.

7.) Your Spirit/Ontology – For those who are not spiritual, just think of this Ontologically, as your Mission/Vision statement in life, or your life’s purpose. But for many people this is the spiritual level, that deepest and highest level of consciousness and thought/information processing where our greatest ideals in life and highest of ideas come from. This is the very central layer of your being which all the others lead out from into the world around you, your environment.

So you can probably see how each one of these influences the other, and how the information flows from one to the other, informing it and structuring/organizing it as it is so informed. This happens both from your environment inward, and from your Ontological/Spiritual Self outward. And what this model of consciousness shows us is that there is a secret to success that one can have in the life they live as an spirit/consciousness and person (identity) in an environment….

What is this secret you ask?

It is to align all of these levels so that they are perfectly in accord with one another and form a clear conduit of information that serves your best interest and is accordant with all of your intentions on each level and how you want it to operate.

So you can use your new understanding of these various levels of our personal reality in order to bring them into accord and use them practically for your success with this conscious awareness.

And for a more intensive and precise exercise for aligning these levels and empowering yourself through each of them, be sure to check out my Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming Video Workshop and the other resources I have for you at

And good luck with your self actualization through these 7 logical levels of thought processing!

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Brian Krall is a Personal Development Specialist, Social Scientist, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Ontologist/Logotherapist, Entrepreneur Coach, and Metaphysicist. He has a personal development company where he offers a free self help resource library, and a wide variety of personal development products and programs, at