When a person hires vehicle insurance, among the coverage of the same, is the legal coverage in case of an accident, or what is the same, they provide you with the services of a lawyer to process your claim for the damages suffered in the accident. But how can I know that said professional is a good choice? What is better for me in this case, the company's lawyer or a private attorney? We tell you what you must take into account to choose the best lawyer for a car accident.


To obtain the maximum benefit and compensation, it is important that you keep in mind the following 7 RULES that will help you choose the most suitable professional lawyer for your interests:

The lawyer of the insurance company is free, but on the other hand, is a professional imposed by it, so you do not have the possibility to choose it yourself and what is worse, assess your knowledge and experience in the field. On the other hand, if you choose a private lawyer, you will be able to evaluate several options and choose the one that best suits you.

The lawyer of the insurance company is not your lawyer, but is the lawyer of the company, which is the one that pays his fees, hence the gratuitousness for you of said coverage. This means that you will be subject to the orders and guidelines of the company, and therefore, ALWAYS ensure in the first place for the interests of this, which, we repeat, is what pays you, not for yours. On the other hand, the private lawyer watches only and exclusively for your interests, without being influenced by pressures and guidelines of any kind.

In most cases, private attorneys charge a percentage or commission, which means that the more compensation you get, the higher your fees will be, which assures you a greater and better interest in defending your rights. In contrast, the company's attorney always receives the fees regardless of the final outcome of the claim, so your interest so that you get the highest compensation is not insured.

Despite the popular belief, the private attorney's fees are covered by your insurance company, within the legal coverage, up to the limit stipulated in your policy, and you only have to pay the difference in the case that they are above that limit. Therefore, the fact that having the services of a private attorney always costs money is NOT true. It depends on each specific case.

Possible conflict of interest: between the companies there are signed agreements, so that they establish which of the two has to be in charge of certain expenses in the event of a loss. Before an extrajudicial offer from the other company to compensate you for the damages suffered, whether personal or material, it is very common for the lawyer of your insurance company to urge you to accept it arguing that it is a good offer. In this way, they are saved from facing other expenses in case a judicial proceeding will be initiated.

For the company's lawyer, your claim is one more claim. Forget about a close and frequent treatment, since in most cases it is almost nonexistent. This circumstance, on the contrary, does not occur in the case of the private attorney, with whom you can count directly at all times.

By choosing the lawyer of the company, it ensures control of the processing of the claim, with all that entails. In the case of the private attorney, the company remains an external agent who has nothing to say or decide on your claim.

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