If you are smart and focused on the bigger picture then you will choose to be a survivor. Survivalists know how to prepare ahead of time so they do not find themselves in deep trouble in a survival scenario. But, serious survivalists also know that any skill passed down to kids is a generational blessing. So, they look for simple skills to teach their kids so the little ones also survive alongside them.

Such skills are vital if you are a country folk. Can you guarantee the survival of your kids if your backyard is 50 acres of thick woods? Do you think your little champion will find his or her way if all the trees seem to look the same to him or her? You can read more about survival skills at thesurvivalcorps.com.

You can notice how easy it is for your kid to be lost in the woods by simply playing around in your expansive backyard. What if you go out into the wilderness with your 10-year-old and he/she wanders off into the surrounding jungle? Will he/she be able to trace his way back to you or signal for help?

You will avoid many problems by teaching your kids the following 7 simple survival skills.

1.Developing the Right Mindset

Experts believe that anyone can survive for days as long as they have the right mindset and the necessary items to sustain their lives. Research has it that a human being can live for three weeks without food, three days without water, three minutes without air and a paltry 3 seconds without a clear conscience.

You must teach your kid to have the right attitude in a survival scenario. He or she must learn to have the will to survive regardless of how dire the situation looks like. Thus the kid should have the feeling to survive. He needs to keep his mental faculties focused on going against the odds and coming out of the situation victorious.

Keep in mind that in a survival situation, a child’s attention is focused solely on fear, anger and love. These feelings should not spell doom to the kid. Instead, you must teach him or her to use them to improve his chances of survival. Teaching your kids to have the right mindset is not a simple task. It will take you some time and teaching skills to see success.

2.Mastering the S.T.O.P Acronym

This skill will save the life if your child if he/she was to separate from you. What do you think your kid will do if he/she became separated? The absolute majority of kids will instantly panic and start running around aimlessly. In no time, they will sink deeper into the wilderness and be predisposed to any number of dangers.

You would not want that to happen, right? So, what do you do? Simply teach them early enough to master the S.T.O.P acronym.

S – They should STOP as soon as they realize they are lost.

T – Teach them to THINK carefully about the prevailing situation

O – They must know how to OBSERVE their surrounding with a concentration

P – Show them how to PLAN on their next move
This skill is important if you usually go to crowded places or to areas where separation is possible. Have a good plan for such situations. You can even buy some kids-oriented survival books to teach them these skills.

3.How to Find Clean Water

Surviving without water in optimal conditions will only take 3 days. The time could be even shorter if the weather conditions favor faster water loss. One of the most important survival skills to teach your kids is how to find water.

Teach your little one to find water and purify it for drinking. You should also teach them how to store that water for later use. Let them know the fact that water sources always flow downhill. That is where he/she will find water.

Civilization will most likely be found downhill. You should teach your kid that following the water source downhill could lead them to a place where they can find help. However, the statement may not usually hold true. Tell your kid to be aware of animal tracks as these also show the presence of water.

Show your kid how to purify the water before drinking it. The best and most assured way to purify water in the wilderness if by boiling. It kills most waterborne germs that could cause disease. The child must master the appropriate way to boil water.

4.How to Create Fire

Lack of water can kill you very fast but so will hypothermia. Kids may not generate enough heat to keep their bodies warm for an appreciable amount of time. If they are lost in the wilderness and have to spend an entire night in the open, very low body temperature could kill them in a matter of hours.

It is therefore important to teach them the most successful techniques on how to make and tend to a fire. Tell them they’ll need tinder, kindling and firewood to make fire. Show him how to start a fire with Ferro rods and other primitive methods.

The fire should be in an open area without strong winds. To minimize fuel usage ensure show the child how to tend to the fire without using too much fuel. He or she should collect some dry leaves, tree limbs and dry logs to help build the fire.

This skill will not only help them keep warm but also signal for help and prepare food. The fire also scares away wild animals that can pose threat to the kid. In extreme conditions, the kid may also need the fire to cook some food for survival if he can hunt or fish.

5.How to Obtain Food

Inasmuch as a kid can survive for weeks without food, lack of it will also make them weak. The lack of energy will also interfere with their mental acuity and interfere with their state of mind. That is why you must teach them a few skills on how to obtain food outdoors.
The best sources of food for kids are plants are herbs. You should teach him or her to forage for food in his/her surrounding. Even if the child only finds himself or herself alone at home, let them learn how to make some food for themselves. You can also teach your kid how to hunt for small game in the woods. Fishing is also a nice skill to teach your young ones.

6.How to Associate Landmarks

This skill is important for any lost kid. Since you do not know when your child will be lost, it would be a good idea to teach them beforehand how to see landmarks and associate them with civilization. This way your kids will be aware of their surroundings when they are with. They will also be able to trace their way if they are alone.
The skill is better learned when you are out with your kids. You can use a statement like “the hill over there borders our town” or “that tall maple tree grows at the banks of the lake.” Such statements will arouse their imagination and help them associate certain familiar areas with their current location.

Pointing to landmarks is not limited to the woods. You can also point to the landmarks in the city or other crowded places. You will know of your success when your kid starts to point to you the same landmarks. There is no age limit when it comes to learning this skill. You can teach even your 4-year old to appreciate the landmarks.

7. Making a Shelter

A shelter is a basic need for any survival situation. This is very important if your child will have to spend the night outdoors before rescue arrives. A shelter will not only provide him or her with protection from elements, it will also serve as protection from wild animals.

While a fire could be enough to help the kid survive a night outdoors, having both is a good idea. A shelter will serve you well in the case of strong winds or in a rainy weather. This is because such winds will not allow a fire to burn well. You kid might ultimately choose between the two based on the prevailing environmental conditions.

Final Thoughts

You cannot focus only on yourself when preparing for disasters. You must also care about the survival of your kids. You can learn all the necessary skills to help you care for them. However, such skills would be useless in the case of a separation. Take the earliest opportunity to teach your kids the above described simple survival skills. Your kid will grow into a dependable little survivalist. Your worries about their life will be greatly reduced even in the face of a disaster.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.