When it comes to leadership, there are a lot of books available that seem to all tout the same 7 skills in different defining points. Sifting through all the different points of view is difficult to say the least. The reason why everyone works with the seven basic skill sets is simply because they are the universal methods to making sure that effective leadership is not lost. The following are the 7 effective leadership skills that you will need to rise above others and make sure that you're moving forward. Consider them in your overall plan of action.

1. Lead By Example - First and foremost it's important to lead by example, which is hard for some, but crucial overall. You have to make sure that you're leading by doing as often as possible. This transcend just giving lectures, rules, or advice, you have to do what it is you're asking others to do and have a proven track record as proof. If you want to instruct someone else, you have to be an expert, it doesn't work otherwise.

2. Good Decision Making - Good decision-making is the second major key to success. If you are making bad decisions, you'll see the results come to you fast and they will be far lower than expected. Do not fool yourself; making good decisions is not easy nor something you can procrastinate in doing.

3. Vision - Without a vision, people fall away with ease. You have to not only hold onto the vision that you have for your future, but for the future of anyone that is going to attach themselves to your leadership. You can't move forward without a long-term vision, or else you'll plummet before you even come close to victory.

4. Team Building - Without a core group of team members, there is no leader. You can try to be a leader of one, but 2 people aren't quite a team. Without having a good team in place to help build the vision further, a leader will fall the wayside.

5. Communication - Clear communication is the key to making sure that the team knows how to move forward and knows what to do next. Without a clear line of communication, a person cannot expect the maximum growth potential that is necessary for longevity in any type of business situation.

6. Train For Maximum Growth - Training is important, because without fundamentals, a person or even a team cannot thrive. Establishing good fundamentals is the most crucial thing to moving ahead of the curve. Without doing so, a person will end up losing out on big things.

7. Empower Others to Lead - The last thing to remember for anyone that is looking at effective leadership skills is the empowerment of others. Without empowering others, a leader fails to have a long-term legacy. No legacy is complete without the empowerment of others, focusing on them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The above universal skills are repeated by all major publications that are in print today. They can work for anyone that is serious about learning how to be a better leader in any business type. Consider the aforementioned as just a brief introduction to the 7 skills, as much more can be said about the matter of leading properly.

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