Chapter Eleven - “What the Universe is All About”

Then the stranger and the apprentice went on their way, moving through the desert, across great sand dunes and into peaceful valleys. And soon they came upon a suitable place to bed down for the night near a small spring so the camels could drink. And the stranger talked to the apprentice about meditation: Dear apprentice you have travelled with me far and wide and you have great grace with God, the Universe, and the One and Only. Think not… that you know everything that God knows, but you can have oneness with His all knowing electric understanding of the Universal Truth. And the apprentice says: Yes please tell me, I am in tune with God sometimes but not at others… please tell me more.

Then the stranger said: Meditation is extremely important, think of your body as an instrument and allow the light of the Universe to filter into thy being and take over thus allowing every electron of electric energy to be manifest in order to illuminate the will and the way of the Great Oneness. Think not of your body, but concentrate on Mind and Consciousness. You have a brain and you have a powerful mind, and mind is much different from the mechanical workings of the brain. Brain records thoughts, ideas, and your life as electrical chemical changes in a databank of the brain. But mind is of a higher function, mind has the ability to awaken to the understanding of the higher knowledge of God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

Say to yourself over and over:

My Mind is Your Mind,

Your Thoughts are My Thoughts,

Our Thoughts are One and the Same!

Whenever a thought of lower origin comes into thy mind allow it to be swept away and again fill thy mind with loving thoughts that stream from the One and Only. The more one becomes in tune with the direct understanding of the Consciousness of the Universe, the more one is able to see the direct flow of balance that must be kept in order to bring about wholeness, stability, and equilibrium in the Multiverse. Thus all thoughts of Me, I, and Mine are swept from the inner workings of mind and the greater understanding of the equilibrium of everything becomes foremost.

All worries, all fears, all anxiety, tightness, and apprehensions create toxic effects in the body and the brain. But mind is Universal, mind cannot in any way be harmed, for mind exists out into the farthest reaches of the Multiverse.

Keep thy mind centered on the magnificence of the Universe… for everything we think and everything we feel we become.

Here is what God, the Universe, and the One and Only is all about:

God thinks about creation as Whole… Nothing is Separate.

Mind is the invisible connection to God, the spiritual understanding of the Whole Universe including all cause and effect.

Matter itself is the effect of God’s mind on the Invisible Electrical Wave Forms called Creation.

And God has but one aspiration… and that is to supply creative expression to the Wholeness of the Multiverse.

The Greater Soul which is God (The Universe) is also the manifestation of the trillions of souls throughout the Multiverse… divided into individual souls.

There is nothing but God, the Universe, and the One and Only… and all that is manifest is the Universe.

The Greater Mind has always existed… and that great electric potential of the Universe imagines all that exists including our bodies.

The Body of the Universe (God) is the existence of all the material world including all positive and negative energies.

Everything is Mind, Body, and Soul, there is nothing else… and thus we are part of the electrical waves of spirit that imagines all that exists into being.

Once you finally understand this deeply there will be a great awakening, it’s so simple yet so complex… it takes time to comprehend all of this.

God thinks of manifestation and thus we appear as individual separations of the Greater Soul. And thus all that exists in the Multiverse such as rocks, insects, flowers, food, and everything else is the imagination of the GREAT ONENESS.

So I tell you this: Meditate on the Wholeness of God moving through you. Remember a great inventor that sees something is his mind is also part of the Great Mind and thus God manifests his invention as the Great Oneness. A great painter sees in his mind a painting and thus the Oneness of the Universe manifests the painting through the actions of the individual manifestation of God.

Thus see everything you do, everything you are, every thought you have, every step you take… as the great manifestation of the One and Only. Thus the light of light, the great LOVE of the Universe will be expressed through you… and thus the will of the Universe will be expressed as LOVE.

And the apprentice said: I have a lot to keep in mind and mull over, it’s so simple, yet so complex… but I know I will understand.

To be continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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