Chapter Twelve - “Mans Awakening is Coming Soon”

And the next morning the stranger and the apprentice start their way across the desert with rested camels and quiet minds. They start their way up high mountains and at the base of the mountains left their camels behind in exchange for horses that are mush better at climbing high mountains. And soon they come to a monastery perched high on a mountaintop. And so they stopped and made their way to meet the head Lama. And the Lama greeted the two strangers and asked them if they would share yak milk tea with him. And the apprentice said: Lama what do you do all day long up here in the mountains? And the Lama said: We meditate, work in the fields down below, we sit and listen to nature, and we help those less fortunate than ourselves.

And the stranger said: Meditation is the best way to quiet the mind, the more we meditate the more we know the cosmic nature of God, the Universe, and the One and Only. Since the beginning of primordial time there has been the beating heart of the Universe there to calm the soul. Man appeared on the face of the earth a few thousand years ago… most of those years he did not hear the beating heart of the Universe. In the beginning man was only connected to his mind, his emotions, and his body.

It’s only been in the last 3 thousand years that man has finally connected to the heartbeat of God in deep meditation. Those who meditate find inner peace, they don’t need what society says is important. They also find happiness in nature. They are right at home listening to crashing waves, a stream rushing along, or even the constant wind moving through the mountains.

Right now less than 1% of the worlds population meditates… all the rest are caught up in a constant struggle which they think is normal. But very soon all that will change, very soon more people will meditate and hear the heartbeat of God.

As the number of people who meditate approaches 10% the light emitted by those people will encompass the world and their great peace will change everything. Thus more will join the ranks and hear the heartbeat of the One and Only through meditation. This will happen in the next 10 years… it’s coming very soon!

Then the world will join hands in loving compassion and everything will change.

The Dawn of Man is Very Close!

People like the Lama and all the Avatars who have come before understood this and even predicted the great change thousands of years ago. How could this be? Meditation! Meditation allows us to hear the still voice of God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

And those who meditate for long periods of time need very little in the way of material things. All the Avatars such as Lao-tzu, Buddha, Jesus, and many others lived simple lives, but their inner life with God, the Universe, and the One and Only was very rich.

It takes at least 1 1/2 hours of meditation daily to awaken to God. Silence and being in nature allows us to contemplate the grand connection that’s always there… and allows us to understand all mysteries.

And once we meditate for long periods of time we finally understand that there is nothing mysterious in the Cosmos.

In silence you will find all the secrets of the Universe.

In silence you will find inner peace.

In silence you will find deep contentment.

In silence you will find wisdom.

In silence you will find joy.

In silence you will find love.

All it takes is a great desire to know all these things,

And that great desire already resides within you.

Thus… Meditation allows you to know the glorious language of the Universe.

And the Lama spoke up and said: Yes that is exactly true! We use very few words here. It’s the same as when the Buddha held up a flower and asked his disciples what it was. One disciple said it was a flower, one said it was an aromatic plant, and one said it was a colorful plant. But one disciple just smiled and the Buddha nodded his head… and knew he understood.

To Be Continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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