Chapter Thirteen - “How to Create According to the Multiverse”

And with those words the Lama takes the stranger and the apprentice into the upper reaches of the monastery to the bell tower. There the Lama proceeds to strike the 2 ton bell with a suspended log that weighs over 500 lbs… and the reverberation from the bell rings out over the land spreading and creating incomparable peace for everyone for miles around. The Lama struck the bell again and said: The Multiverse beats in two waves, one breathing in, and the other breathing out. That is why all that is nature breathes in this way, and becomes a natural extension of God, the Universe, and the One and Only Himself.

Think of it this way, you don’t breath in and then stop breathing, there is the natural tendency to breath out and then the cycle of that breath is done. Otherwise you’re holding your breath which causes tension, anxiety, and stress… and that’s not natural. Even our music is set on two beats, one in and one out. And all the great classical music is also set on this same basic principal of two beats. And that is why Mozart, Beethoven, and Braums are so soothing and relaxing because they connect to the primal extension of the Multiverse.

Our brain is also pulsing on a two beat process as does out heart, and every organ in our body which counts off every second of every moment.

Creation is no different, true soul creation must take two steps, one to see everything in the minds eye, and secondly to feel it deep down in our soul. It is the knowing of the soul that brings about the second beat of creation which is absolutely crucial to the expression of creation. Most people try thinking everything into existence, but that does not work. Knowing creates acceptance that this will be true… thus unfolding matter brings about true creation.

And something else must happen! Like a great tailor of fine clothing he must train his nimble fingers to work without missing a stitch in order to create a suite that is beyond compare. So too we must train our being, our body, and our constant awareness to know without a doubt that everything will happen according to the great Divine Plan of the Universe. God holds the reins of time, He alone will see the effort put into creation of something, and deems it worth if all elements are put in place. And thus the Universe will unfold this creation in due time, not our time, but in a time line that is conceive only by the Universe.

That is the part that most people miss. They think that if they create according to the Divine Plan that it should happen immediately. Yet the Universe alone knows when it should unfold in order to bring about the greatest good for all. But there are some avatars and gurus who put in huge amounts of deep meditation which allows them to be at ONE with the Universe. Thus their ideas of creation which are also the ideas of God are fulfilled without delay. Everyone has the ability to create without delay if they put in long hours of meditation to clear their mind of all the anxiety and noise of the world. Then they can listen to the two part pulse of the Multiverse and find amazing peace.

That’s why most people cannot create instantaneously, they are full of tension, anxiety, and stress. Thus the two part pulse of the Universe cannot be heard in their heart. And thus their creation will fall short of becoming reality. At least not right away, because the Universe will fulfill all requests in due time, but only when it benefits the Multiverse in general. That is the difference, those that hear the pulse of God within them know what should be brought into existence… and what should not… and thus they are in tune with CREATION.

That is why the avatars such as Jesus who made the loaves and fishes to feed the masses could create according to the will of the Multiverse. That is why many gurus have the been able to create fruits that are out of season to give to those who are hungry.

Fill thy heart with the ringing of this bell, allow that ringing of the bell to fill thy soul. And thus the sound of God, the Universe, and the One and Only will wash away all that is not of the Multiverse…

and allow you to create according to HIS WILL.

To Be Continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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