Chapter Sixteen - “The Spiritual Cleansing”

And then Lama was called away and when he came back he said: There is an emergency. There is an old woman in a small village that is being spiritually attacked and she is crying out for help. I have no choice but to go and render help to his old woman… but you can come with me if you like. So the Lama, the stranger, and the apprentice made their way to a pack station near the monastery and hired men to carry their provisions for the long journey.

The trail was steep and narrow with drop offs that were thousands of feet deep. And at that altitude there was little oxygen. But it did not seem to bother any of them and they marched along the high narrow trails. At the end of the third day of trekking through the mountains they finally came upon the small village. And they made their way to the small Buddhist outpost in the remote region to find out where the old woman lived. As they approached the Buddhist temple a young priest came out to talk to them. He directed them to the old woman’s house just 200 yards away. As they approached the house they could hear the old woman screaming, so they ran up and knocked on the door and the old woman answered.

And the old woman said: Please help me! I am overcome by demons that are moving things around the house; insects are crawling up the walls in droves; there are apparitions that appear. And there are voices that wake me up in the middle of the night; and the walls are dripping with black grim that will not wash off. What can we do, this is terrible… please help me. And the Lama said: Don’t worry we will do a ceremony making all this evil disappear. Remember all that exists in the Light also exists in the dark, but the Light is always stronger than darkness… it takes only one candle to light a room.

And the stranger said:

Old woman, first of all start saying a person name of God, the Universe, and the One and Only… over and over again silently in your mind. The name of God is powerful, and nothing can withstand the Light and Love of the name of the Universe.

Second the Lama will bless incense for you to burn in your home. This too will cleans away all that is not of Light, Love, and Peace.

Third we will come in and forcefully say over and over again “In the Name of God, the Universe, the One and Only; We command that all that is not of Light; all that is not of Love; all that is not of Peace leave this house; and leave this village NOW… Never to Return!” Please join us as we say this!

Fourth in our minds eye we will surround your house and the village in White Light. The Light of Love, which is amazingly powerful. In your minds eye see everything around you surrounded by this Light. And everyday when you wake up surround all that exists in this village with the Light of Love.

Fifth start chanting a personal name of God, the Universe, and the One and Only out loud for one or two hours every day. This cleanses your home, but it also cleanses the mind, thus all ill thoughts are incapable of making entrance into thy mind.

Sixth send love to everything. That which is darkness cannot escape the Light, and the Light of Love is so powerful that it washes away all darkness. Also send love to that which is evil, for that which is evil cannot stand to be in the presence of Powerful Light and Love… all evil will leave right away.

And the Lama, the Stranger, and Apprentice went to work right away. They did their cleansing of the darkness, and all the black grim on the walls disappeared; and the droves of insects immediately disbursed never to be seen again. Plus the apparitions, voices, and movement of objects all ceased… and the home was filled with a palpable feeling of Light and Love once again.

A large crowd of villagers stood watching as they did their work. The villagers were in awe at what the band of three profits were doing. They were fearful of the evil that had overcome the old woman’s house… so they gathered around the Lama, the Stranger, and the Apprentice.

To Be Continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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