Chapter Eighteen - “Angels of Light Around Me”

And the three profits started their long trek back to the monastery. They again walked to the narrow paths that led up the high mountains and into deep gorges slowly moving as they endured the snow and rain. They stopped and made camp for the night on a wide spot on the trail. Then the stranger said: Apprentice do you remember the first time your Guardian Angels came to you?

And the apprentice said: Yes I was watching over my uncle’s farm out in the country because he was sick. I moved their for a couple of months until he regained his strength. I feed the horses, camels, goats, sheep, rabbits, and even the dogs and cats. It was a long day because I also had to walk 5 miles back to the village and do my regular chores, and then back to the farm to feed everything again. And at the end of the day I was very tired… so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open.

Then one night about midnight I heard the dogs barking like crazy and I was totally asleep. I was a grouchy and reluctantly to get up, but I went outside to see what was going on. And it struck me that the dogs must have noticed a cat climbing the fence and started barking. So I calmed the dogs down and went back to my bed. But there in the indentation of my pillow were little lines of white light that were moving here and there. At first I thought I was dreaming and shook my head but they did not disappear… but soon they faded away.

But the next night the dogs started to barking again… and I was mad this time because I was dead tired because they woke me up the night before. So I got up to see what was happening. Then it hit me… it was not the dogs fault, they saw something and were being protective. So I calmed the dogs down and went back to bed. But there in the indentation of my pillow were the lines of light that were moving here and there. And all of a sudden it struck me… these were my Guardian Angels. Then a deep sense of peace, grace, and love came over me that I’d never felt before.

Some months past until my uncle got better, and then I went back home to the village. And one day one of the young boys knew… who was very spiritually came to me and asked: What are those lights dancing around your head?

And I said: What do you think they are?
And the young boy said: I think they are your Guardian Angels here to protect you.

And the Apprentice said: At that point I burst into tears because I had true visual confirmation of what I had seen a few months before. Tears were streaming down my face because I knew for sure… that what I had seen was absolutely true.

And from that point on my Guardian Angels have come to me on a regular basis. It does not seem to matter what time of day it is, or what mood I’m in, they just appear to let me know that everything’s OK… and that I’m never alone. And they are not in my head because if I turn my head they do not move, so they have to be out there as True Guardian Angels… always around me, watch over me, and guiding me.

And from that point on my life changed… I went from believing to absolutely knowing. Which is a powerful change because many people believe, but they don’t really have a true conviction deep down inside. That experience of mine changed everything!

And so it is… that everyone must go by there own spiritual experiences, and sooner or later everyone will have some kind of spiritual experience.

They must not negate these experiences, but embrace them, for these experiences are real. They are sent to us by God, the Universe, and the One and Only to fortify our understanding via our heart… thus explaining the simplicity of the Multiverse.

And the stranger and the Lama looked at the apprentice and just nodded their heads in approval with a smile on their face.

To Be Continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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