Chapter Twenty - “The 4 Laws of Love”

Then the Lama asked the High Priest if he would like to join them on their trek back to the monastery. And the Priest agreed saying it would be good to have a change of pace. So the four profits gathered their things and the caravan moved through the high mountains. And as they made their way it started to rain, then it started pouring, and then it came down so hard it was impossible to see where they were going. So they stopped and opened up one of their large tents and everyone gathered around a fire and sipped warm tea… waiting for the rain to stop.

And the apprentice said: High Priest you said it was important to give love first… why is that?

And the Priest said: To take love means nothing, the energy of love is absorbed and this creates an emptiness that cannot be filled except by creating love from the inside out… and then giving that love to others. In fact taking love can lead to darkness within, because many times those who want love become addict to needing more and more love… and they never learn to give love. But sometimes they learn from the example from the giver. But at other times they don’t learn, and the cycle which looks a lot like a black hole in the cosmos starts to open up gobbling up everything in it’s path. But eventually over many life times they too learn to give love… to learn to give love is the ultimate purpose of life.

Law One - So the first law of Love is to always give Love. One can take Love if one needs too, but always give more Love than you receive. Thus the cycle of Love from the Universe will always bring back more Love to the giver.

Also money, goods, food and other items are not love. They can be given with love, and these material things can be helpful and may maintain the body but they are not love. True love comes from the heart, and the heart connection is very important.

All love must be given freely from the heart, in order to have the free flow of cosmic light energy that brings about the uplifting of the one who gives. Think about food that is made without the most important ingredient — LOVE. That food will do all the basics of nourishing the body. But when one adds loving feelings to whatever they are cooking, that food because infused with the energy of love and that energy light uplifts and sustains a person in ways that’s not measurable by doctors and scientists. Food full of love uplifts the spirit for a short while. But with food that does not contain love… that hungry person becomes more desperate and needs more and more food. They think that it’s the food that makes them feel whole but it’s not. Giving food without love is like having a flower that looks beautiful by has no aroma that uplifts the soul.

Law Two - All Love must come from the heart and be given freely. And material things are not love, they can be embellished with love… but they are not necessarily love itself.

To give love creates a multiplying effect. Every time we give love God, the Universe, and the One and Only takes that love and rekindles it with even more love energy. Thus the energy that is returned to the giver is 1000 times stronger than that which was originally given. Many times those who give love have very little in the way of material things, but they are rich in their heart. This happens because they need little and give so much.

In return the Light of Love is given back to them 1000 fold and this keeps their minds and their bodies in a state of grace… that’s hard to describe in words. Thus every pore, every thought, every action they have is filled with the Light of Love. I am sure you know people like this… all the avatars such as Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna and others were like this. They always gave more love than they accepted.

Law Three - Love that is given freely from the heart is multiplied by the Universe with more Light of Love… and returned to the giver multiplied by a 1000 times.

Love comes from the heart because that’s where God, the Universe, and the One and Only resides within man. So that means that love from the heart comes from God, the Universe, and the One and Only directly. To know this means everything because at that point the “I”, “Me” and “Mine” are removed from the equation and there is a direct giving from the Omnipresent One and Only. Thus all ego is removed from giving love. And thus the heart grows stronger with feelings of love that comes from the Universe itself.

Bestowed upon the lover like a rainbow that illuminates a darkened sky. Thus sooner or later the lover, beloved, and action of love blend together to become One. This happens in meditation, in the silence everything comes together to find that love does not go outward anymore, it goes inward to find the One and Only.

Thus everything becomes ONE!

Law Four - All Love comes from God, the Universe, and the One and Only. And this knowing is important because it sets the love, lover, and beloved free.

And the apprentice said: Ah Yes, Now I Understand!

And the four profits sipped their yak milk tea chatting about their trek through the mountains.

To Be Continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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