Chapter Twenty One - “The Rag Man’s Intuition

Then the rain stopped and the four profits packed their tent and started across the wide valleys and through the jagged mountains. Soon they came upon an old man who collected rags to sell to be remanufactured into cloth. Carrying a large bundle of rags he greets that four profits and immediately bows down and kisses their feet. Then the stranger lifted him up and said: How can we help you my friend? And the Rag Man said: Tell me about intuition Oh Great Profit, I have premonition’s come to me and later they turn out to be true… why is that?

And the stranger said: In your heart lives God, the Universe, and the One and Only. That which knows all, and understands all… God knows about everything. But when we have lots of chatter going on in our head, there’s too much static to hear the still small voice of God. Thus most cannot hear their intuition. But by practicing meditation every day we start to hear the heart beat of Universe and understand that all things are connected. Thus we are One with the Universe if we let go of fear. Do you meditate my friend?

And the Rag Man said: Yes for long periods of time every morning and every night. I make very little money collecting old rags and selling them, but I’ve found riches beyond compare in the silence of meditation. The silence has brought me peace, love, and inner joy… everything I have never found in the the outer world.

And the stranger answered: Ah yes, you have this great connection to the Divine! Wonderful, so why is this bother you? Is it not OK to know these things in advance? To see glimpses of the future and understand the great plan?

And the Rag Man said: No it frightens me, sometimes I see people who are going to die and it bothers me, I don’t want this gift!

And the Lama said: Be at peace my friend, there is no reason to get upset. All things are in flux and can be changed and thus God, the Universe, and the One and Only is giving you the possibility to make changes… or to be OK with events that are about to unfold. Once It came to me in a dream that a young man who lives in a village by the monastery was going to die. I tried to tell his mother and she would not hear it… and made me leave. A week later the young boy died, and the mother came to see me and thanked me for telling her. She was sad but at the same time glad that she took time to be with her son during the week before he past away. Otherwise she wouldn’t have taken the time. So you see it’s a great gift that you have.

And the High Priest said: And you can tell when feelings and images are about the future. You may see event pass before your minds eye… and if they are way out in front they may be from the future. If they are right in front you they may be about to happen. If you get the feeling you need to look behind you or the scene is from the perspective of looking behind you, then it might be from the past. Listen to what your body is telling you, it has great intuition.

Also talk to your intuition, it can also be bargain with. You can tell your intuition that you only want to know things that will bring joy to others… and it will listen. That’s up to you, your intuition’s there to help you and not bring sadness into your life. So talk with your intuition, ask it questions, interact with your intuition, and create changes in your intuition that make you happy.

Once I knew a powerful earthquake was coming. I had this knowing, but no one wanted to listen. I had to understand that most people are not interested and are especially not interested when it’s bad news. So I stopped telling most of the people, and had to sit back and watch as the whole process unfolded. And yes the earthquake did happen and I had to be OK with it. That was not easy! But with great power comes great responsibility to understand that God, the Universe, and the One and Only has great plans, and I am not privilege to the essence of all of it. Thus with great humility I must see the good in all things. The humility helped me to understand myself even more, and know that I have limits… only some things are in my charge.

Remember fear gets in the way of knowing… fear is the opposite of Love! God is Love, the Universe is Love, and the One and Only is Love… thus fear keeps us trapped and disconnected from God. It is fear that is the challenge, not your premonition… so be at peace and have acceptance and all will be well.

And the Rag Man said: Ah now I understand! It’s my fear and not the premonitions that cause my problems. I must embrace my gift and take all that’s connected to it and allow it to help me understand myself. I am to grow to be a more connected to the Universe, and understand that all things happen for a reason.

Thus I can be at peace,

Because it’s not MY will be done,

It’s God, the Universe, and the One and Only’s will be done.

And the four profits all nodded and smiled.

To be continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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