Chapter Twenty Two - “Three Avatars Appear With a Promise”

Then the four profits continue on their way through the jagged mountains. Soon they come to a lake with snow on one side and very cold water. And they drank of the cold fresh water and enjoy how refreshing it was. Then all of a sudden the light above them grows very bright and three shafts of light shine down from the heavens and onto the far shore of the lake. There three visitors materialize and are surrounded in white light. It’s Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna and plus there are many more avatars in the background in the white light.

All four profits bowed down before the avatars, and then the Lama looked up.

And Buddha said: Stand up my friends, come share with us. And at that moment the four profits walked around the edge of the lake and met with the 3 avatars.

And the stranger said: Why have you come to see us Oh Holy Ones, what do we owe this great honor?

And Jesus said: Time grows short my friends. Mankind has placed itself above all ethical understandings of life, love, and friendship. They seek material things and have very little understanding that life as LOVE. When I was here in the flesh I gave the ultimate sacrifice of my body. Some did finally understand that our bodies are just instruments that we use in this dimension. Yet over the years so many have lost the message, or the message has been watered down to do the bidding of those who want to control everyone.

Great things are about to happen, things will unfold according to the Divine plan because man has so such ego and pride that he has placed himself on a pedestal. Thus because we have so many that are only in connection with their bodies, ego, and pride… their oneness is creating what will happen next. It will be their undoing, because in the end everyone will find the spiritual path… thus money, greed, and pride will go to the wayside.

Then Krishna said: Be not afraid of what will happen. Everything happens for a reason, and not a single soul has ever been lost. But you are here to console the people because they will be dissolution with all that will take place.

Lift them up!

Give them hope!

See that their hearts are cared for… and all will be well.

Teach them to meditate, to chant, to say the name of God, the Universe, and the One and Only over and over again.

Teach them to not be slaves to this world, but to love all and help all, and use their love for the betterment of mankind and planet. Teach them to talk to God, and to work in harmony with nature, for nature is One with the Universe. Most of all teach them to let go of fear, for fear is what Maya wants to create in order to control the masses.

Then Buddha said:

Teach them to go inward;

Teach them to let go of desires;

Teach them to live simply;

Teach them to not allow all that goes on around them to create emotional upheaval.

For all stress and suffering is created from the inside out.

Suffering is created by desires. Desires to see something happen this way, desires to have a happy ending to this or that, desires for things to work out. But when we let go of desires and see things are they are; and know that in the end it’s all for the best… suffering disappears.

Maya will keep tugging at them, trying to drag them back to suffering… remind them of this. They must be strong, and keep their spiritual practice strong in order to help the world.

But when everything is over and done there will be great peace in the world for 1000 years, 10 generations will be free of suffering. This will be the golden age and medical advances will move forward in amazing ways… and people will live to be 200 years old.

All wars will end!

All hunger will end!

All homelessness will end!

And all strife and suffering on the planet will end.


And then the three avatars disappeared into the light.

To Be Continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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