Chapter Twenty Three - “Can I Talk to the Avatars”

As the profits looked around they began to talk, they were given a message by the avatars that they were to spread across the glob. Then the apprentice said: Is it possible for me to talk to the avatars on a regular basis?

And the High Priest said: Yes it is possible, during meditation you should rid your mind of all thoughts, other than the desire to connect to God, the Universe, and the One and Only. Words are not needed, it is only heart felt feelings that are needed. God, the Universe, the One and Only live in your heart… so connect with your heart and with God. And all the avatars are part of the ONE. Thus they too can be conversed with in the Light of God, but not with words… only with heart felt feelings.

Rid yourself of your body. Think of your body as not important during meditation, and go inward to connect in a very deep way. Thus when you get rid of all feelings of being part of your body, a connected feeling of being one with all will take place. Remember that time you were at the beach and you were one with the clouds, one with the drops of ocean water, one with the star fish and everything else, that is your connection. Your body disappeared and you were One with God.

In that state you know all the answers to all the questions you have, and you have all the knowledge that you desire. Everything is already inside of you. All knowledge was put there from the beginning by God, it’s written in your DNA, it’s part of a sequence of light emitting waves that are embedded within your very atom. All knowledge is out there and inside of YOU… it exists everywhere.

Quiet your mind, end all chatter, and thus connect to the Universe, and all the answers that you desire will come… remember “My Father and I are ONE”.

And the apprentice said: I have the ability to connect deeply for a short while but soon my mind wonders… what should I do?

And the High Priest said: Concentrate on your breathing and when a thought comes in take a short breath in. As though you were sniffing something and that short breath will jolt you back to your meditative state.

There will never be words transmitted to you, there will be images that will come sooner or later. These images may come to you during meditation or after meditation, but they will come. And as the old saying goes “An image is worth a 1000 words” and those images will be attached to feelings “And those feelings are worth 10,000 words”. And so a mixture of images and feelings will be transmitted to you while you are in a state of disconnection from your body.

Those who come from the vast galaxies out in the Cosmos know this, they do not use verbal language as we do. All of their communication is transmitted via images and feelings. Our planet is still in the backwaters of the Universe. We have not raised ourselves to the point where we can transmit images and feelings. But it’s coming in the future! It’s our destiny! Thus we will take our place in the Brotherhood of Love that exists throughout the Multiverse. All things are thus created via the Power and Force of the Universe moving through us.

To harness this Power and create the ultimate outcome of the Light (Love) which is a guiding Force we must totally embrace Love. That is where man falls short, most connect to love for a short amount of time, but do not connect in such a way that it guides his or her life.

Thus fill your heart with love and the desired connection will take place. And all knowledge, all understanding, all connections to all that there is… will be yours. Does this explain how you can connect to the avatars my friend?

And the apprentice said: Yes, my connection to love is flickering. My love is strong at times, and at other times it is weak. I am learning and everyday my feelings of love grow stronger and thus my connection to that which is all knowing grows. It will just take some time for me to be around all of you great profits, and thus grow spiritually and fulfill my destiny with the One and Only.

To be continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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