Chapter Twenty Four - “God Gives Freely, But there Must Be Balance”

Then the four profits went their way trekking through the jagged mountains. And after an hour or so they came across a valley where a goat herder tended to his goats. As soon as the goat herder noticed the four profits he bowed down and paid homage to them. Then he stood up and said: I just have goats, I barely making a living, I barely make enough money to feed my wife and children. Can you help me?

And the stranger says: You have been give what you need to create according to the laws of Love. There must be balance in all things and thus God, the Universe, and the One and Only has blessed you with goats. Let me tell you a story that will give you an idea about the law of balance.

Once there was a poor farmer who had a son, and the son was very upset that they had nothing. They grew wheat, corn, and few vegetables for their table and they raised chickens for eggs. Then one day the son reached the age of becoming a man and the great rite of passage was preformed — thus he was a man. But he had nothing! So he prayed to God, the Universe, and the One and Only for a beautiful productive farm. Then his uncle died and left a large farm to his nephew.

The nephew was ecstatic until he got to the farm and saw that the land was rocky, full of huge boulders, and there were tree stumps all over the place. The land would not grow anything… and the house was a shack. But the young man bent down on his knees and thanked God, the Universe, and the One and Only for his wonderful farm. He was full of great faith, and knew he was given a gift from God, and thus he had to make it prosperous and abundant.

So he went to work moving all the boulders, all the rocks, and all the tree stumps and started composting and putting nutrients back into the soil. He planted trees along the creeks to prevent erosion. And put trees everywhere as windbreaks to keep the top soil from blowing away. Then he put in long hours of devising a system of ditches and irrigation furrows that would take water from the creeks to his crops.

He would get up before sunrise, and go to bed after sundown. He ate meagerly but always had enough food to be strong. He lived a very simple life, and gave thanks for every single thing that took place on the farm. He was even thankful when times were hard, because he knew that in the end all would work out.

Five years later his father came to visit the farm. He took one look at the farm and could not believe his eyes. The fruit trees were full of figs, apricots, cherries, and many different types of citrus fruit. There were abundant fields of wheat, corn, and even a huge vegetable garden and 40 chickens laying eggs.

And his father said: This is paradise my son, you have taken something that was nothing and turned it into Eden. I am very proud of you! What is your secret to creating such a beautiful and productive farm?

And the son said: God, the Universe, and the One and Only gave me this land. The land contained all the bare essentials of energy that could be changed into anything. In my meditations I could see and feel the farm as it would be in the future. I knew that by putting my energy into farm, I would balance all the energy that God had given me… thus all things would thrive. For there is the Cosmic balance of energy that must be maintained. Something given, must be given back in return… to keep the flow of energy in balance.

Equilibrium is important!

All things which are out of balance will not thrive.

Thus I knew what I had to do.

The law of Love is clear.

All things are given freely.

But an equal amount of energy must be given back.

Thus keeping the Cosmos in balance.

Thus the farm thrived,

And the farm is still thriving today.

Do you understand my friend?

And the goat herder said: Awe yes! I finally see that I’ve been given all these goats. But I’ve not given back to the Cosmos. I have a debt that must be repaid in order to keep the Cosmos in balance. It’s time to give back in order to make life better for my family. I finally understand…. Thank You Stranger!

And the goat herder bent down and kissed the feet of the stranger.

To Be Continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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