Chapter Twenty Seven - “I Think Therefore I AM”

Then the four prophets went on their way trekking through the rugged mountains and soon came upon a home perched on a high plateau between valleys. Over the doorway of the home were the words “Doctor Lai”. This was the home of a medical doctor, and as they past by the doctor came out to greet them, and invited them in for yak milk tea. And so they entered, and as they were sipping tea the doctor said: I have a brain, and thus I can think thoughts, thus I think therefore I am conscious. I am a man of great intelligence, and it’s my intelligence that makes what I do great. What do you think great prophets?

And the High Priest said: When you are sleeping and dreaming, having a lucid dream where you know you are dreaming. Who is aware, who is watching?

And the doctor became ruffled and said: It’s my brain, can’t you tell?

And the High Priest said: But your brain is busy dreaming, so who or what is watching over your dream? And the doctor shook his head telling the High Priest that he didn’t know.

Our brain is a recording instrument that like a radio, phonograph, or tape recorder… recording events and ideas that are brought to the brain. The brain itself does not come up with ground breaking ideas. As with all inventors, philosophers, great statesman, and those who have come to this planet to make life better for everyone… they all say that in the middle of meditation, or when they were in nature, or in deep silence their greatest ideas came to them. But the brain does not create wondrous ideas, they come from the ONE Great Mind.

Even Albert Einstein said, that what most great scientist don’t do in this day and age… is to allow themselves to be in deep and utter silence. Thus they are able to hear the heartbeat of God, the Universe, and the One and Only. All ideas are floating out in the Cosmos, there for the taking. If we allow ourselves to use our radio like brain to find the right frequency which is — LOVE.

Everything in the Universe is electrical in nature be it particles or waves of energy. And because nothing can be destroyed, only changed, all thoughts, all ideas, all creative abilities are out there in the Cosmos waiting for someone to find the right frequency and thus download the great understanding of God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

Most of what we do all day long is a result of what we’ve recorded in our brain that we use to bring about day to day life. Even a book unless opened has nothing to say. And who brought that book to our life? Do not be so narcissistic as to think that you are in control of all things. Life is planned out, every single event, every moment is planned according to the great will of God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

When we finally understand that everything happens for reason, all anxiety flows away from our being, because we are part of a great plan that’s flowing along according to a Divine Will. And yes we interacting with the Divine, because we are Divine Beings ourselves. Yet we are part of the Great Divine, not all of the Divine, that is the most important aspect of understanding… all that exists.

Thus when you have your Great Awakening which will come soon… you will understand everything.

Then High Priest touched the doctors heart, and Dr. Lai burst into tears and was filled with Joy, Happiness, and Peace. He was ecstatic and started jumping with joy, dancing round the room… he was so happy that he couldn’t sit down.

Then the doctor said: Please forgive me I was full of my own arrogance, pride, and ego. Thus I couldn’t see what you were talking about, until you touched my heart and filled my heart with LOVE. Now my practice will be much different. I will work with LOVE thus healing not only the body, but also the very essence of being that lives in the Heart of Man.

Thank You High Priest,

Thank You Holy Ones!

Many Blessings to All of YOU!

To Be Continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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