Chapter Twenty Nine - “The Vibrational Energy of Water”

Then the four prophets made their way through the jagged mountains to a waterfall that was cascading 1000 feet from a frozen icicle encrusted cliff that jutted out from a sheer rock wall. And the Stranger said: This waterfall is a constant flow of energy, vibrational energy that can heal to those on this plane and also those on the others side of the veil.

And the Apprentice said: Tell me more, all I see is water moving, what energy does water contain?

And the Stranger said: Water is healing, it’s full of energy, especially moving water which picks up the vibrational energy of the cosmos, the healing energy of God, the Universe, and the One and Only. Throughout the Cosmos on other planets you will find water. And where ever you find water you will also find life, because water is life giving. Most of your body is made up of water, and thus water is a transport system for oxygen, food, and waste products. And more than this… water also holds the key to vibrational uplifting of a body. And when the body is uplifted the brain is up lifted… and thus the third step is uplifting the soul.

Think not of yourself as dust cast upon on the Cosmos, but as waves of energy that spread across the Universe. Your deep connection to all things starts with water. At the time of your birth you are floating in a sea of water in your mothers womb. And you yearn to go home back to that sea, to once again float in the chamber of all inclusive LOVE that holds us, cares for us, and nurtures us in a way that melts away all stress and worry.

Thus we must go back to the sea of LOVE, not the sea of our mother’s womb, but to the sea of unconditional LOVE within God, the Universes, and the One and Only. Unbeknownst to us, the Cosmos consists of a sea of life giving energy that fills even the farthest reaches of the Universe. And that energy if free, it’s the answer to all energy needs on this planet. Many a great inventor has come up with ways of harnessing this Cosmic Energy. But those in control right now don’r want that energy to be exposed to the world… or they would lose control of the masses. But soon it will be impossible to keep the great Secret of FREE Energy from Mankind.

And if a healer moves energy from the Universe into water, and gives that life giving water to those who have dis-ease… they will recover. Water holds not only energy from the Universe but also impressions of energy from our soul. If we are mad that emotional energy can be transferred to water, thus anyone who drinks that water will have negative changes happen in their body. But if we pulse the energy of LOVE into water whoever drinks that water will also be healed in some amazing way. Be it a simple healing of stress, or the process of moving the healing Energy of LOVE into molecules and atoms, that starts the very tiniest building blocks to change and heal.

For water like the healing energy of God, the Universe, and the One and Only is LOVE… when we look at water from the very simplest of concepts. Thus be sure to drink water for life, drink water for the healing qualities that is holds, drink water for the LOVE that it can contain, and drink water thus to spread more LOVE throughout the Universe.

That is why many a great avatar such as John the Baptist took those who were spiritually starting anew, with new thoughts, with new feelings of LOVE inside… and washed away all the low vibrational frequencies with water that was blessed. And that is why there are many ceremonies used throughout the Cosmos to signify a new beginning by washing away negative energies. Thus bringing bright light to where there was once nothing but darkness.

Also there are orbs of light, souls that move across the Cosmos that are looking for ways to assist all of us on this plane. They are attracted to waterfalls, and moving water of all kinds, for they gather strength from water’s energy. And with that being said the Stranger reached out and touched the eyes of the Apprentice and nodded his head.

And when the Stranger removed his hands the Apprentice said: Wow! I see the millions of orbs of light that you were talking about around the waterfall. They are moving here and their gathering strength for another day.

Thank You Great Prophets for this Wonderful Gift!

To be Continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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