Chapter Thirty - “The Sixth Sense and the Craft”

Then the four prophets moved under and around the waterfall and onward through the jagged mountains. And soon they came upon a valley that was full of endless cactus and sand… and the High Priest asked the Apprentice: What do you sense here?

And the Apprentice said: I see cactus and lots of sand.

And the High Priest said: No what do you to sense, not what you see with your eyes! You have great intuitive abilities that go far beyond your five senses. Of course you can feel, see, hear, taste, and smell… but what does your intuition tell you about this place?

Go beyond your limited 5 senses to your 6th sense.

Your 6th sense is unlimited, it knows all, it sees all, it understands all, and it’s omnipresent. Don’t limit yourself… what do you sense out there?

And the Apprentice closed his eyes and went inward to sense what was going on in the high desert.

And the Apprentice said: I sense water, a lake not far from here, it’s a huge lake, and there are lots of birds including flamingos, herons, and egrets that are fishing on the lake. And there are wild horses, camels, and lots of other animals there.

But most of all I feel danger! There are waring tribes of people out there that burn villages, kill people, and take whatever they want. They are not interested in talking or helping any one in general. We should leave this place!

And the High Priest said: Yes, you are right, that’s exactly what you’ll would find out there, I have been there many times. Was that so hard?

And the Apprentice said: No I just had to quiet all the chatter and go inward to sense what was out there. My thinking would not allow me to connect to my 6th sense… but once I settled down into a place of inner peace I could sense everything. It was not as thought I was seeing it, I became one with all of it, I was ONE with THAT… and thus there was nothing that was separate from ME.
And in reality there is nothing separate from ME. I am ONE with all that exists. It’s only the meaningless mind chatter that most people have that keeps them locked in their 5 senses. Now I see that I can explore everything on this planet and all that exists in the Universe… going out to other planets, solar systems, and out into other Universes.

And I also sense something hovering over our heads. And that something is about to happen that will change my life forever. This is exactly what happened to Jesus, Elijah, Moses, Enoch and many others. This is not a bad thing, it’s a good thing… and I will grow from this experience.

All those who have gone before me as you have, have learned the truth about the Brotherhood of Love that exists in the Universe. Now it’s time for me to spend time with those who have handed down all the great edicts, apocryphal messages, and even the great commandments. They have come to spread the message of LOVE throughout the Universe… yet mankind has not been listening.

I will come back with more understanding of God, the Universe, and the One and Only. Do not be sad, for there are great times ahead that we will share that will rock the foundations of society as we now know it. The fabric of control by those that want to keep human beings in the dark about their greatness is about to be torn asunder.

And together we shall lead the way to truth, light, and faith that will guide man on a new journey into the heavens. We will guide man as he takes his rightful place as a being of LOVE. You see me leave now, but in a blink of an eye I will be back. We will share in the great exuberant march forward that will allow the light to explode and thus LOVE will be the norm… and all else will fall to the wayside.

And with that a beam of light pulsed fourth out of the gray metallic disc that was hovering over their heads, and lifted the Apprentice up into the craft. And in a flash the craft was gone… like lightning speeding across the Universe.

And the 3 prophets hugged one another and knew this was a new beginning for them, the Apprentice, and all of mankind.

The End of Book 2

To Be Continued in Book 3

Dr. Paul Haider

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