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The sedan, at first, is a horse-drawn car that comes from the city of Boston, hence its name. Designed to be robust, the sedan quickly became the favorite vehicle for traveling. Today a category that is losing momentum, she continues to have her fans. And models to advise for Limo Service Near me

If you are thinking of buying a wagon, Paradise advises you:

BMW Series 3

It is not thanks to its prices that she finds herself in this selection, you can imagine. But rather thanks to its excellent homogeneity. . And the behavior, always sporty, will delight drivers.In the end, not all versions are good to buy, but the best are worth it Limo Service Duxbury to Logan Airport

Since 2001 and the true second version of his family, Ford reconquers customers among buyers in this category. It must be said that progress compared to the predecessor are obvious: equipment, handling, quality finish, everything is better. 0 With the arrival of the 4th generation on the market, the opportunity prices, especially those of the 3rd generation (the second is already very affordable and will remain so) are greatly reduced.


She has a career far too shy compared to its intrinsic qualities (career today finite since it is no longer marketed in France). It is indeed an excellent rolling machine, both comfortable and dynamic.
. Logan Airport Limo Service The current, is a kind of ideal synthesis between successful design (less bland than the previous ones), comfort, livability, equipment and driving pleasure. It is on the other hand, sedan or station wagon, at rates slightly above the market average, because it has a good image.

Hyunadia i40

The Korean family has had a quiet career with us. But as often, the most discreet are not the least talented. And the i40 has many advantages, including very affordable prices on occasion. But that's not all. It is well equipped, habitable and has a safe volume (but access is difficult, because no hatchback but a trunk).


It was a small revolution for the brand to release this seductive family, while the tradition was to do in the discretion, fashionable 626, invisible in traffic. Goal achieved since the 6 has re-earned the coat of arms of Mazda in a nice way. With an extra powerful MPS version. And apart from some details of reliability, the owners plebiscite. The problem is that they are too few to get out of anonymity where, just like the Honda Accord, it is. Limo Car Service Airport Transfer Scituate Ma

Peugeot 508

Here is a large French statutory sedan. Compared to the 407 it has replaced, it is larger, more comfortable, better equipped and above all more reliable. So even if it lacks a few practical aspects, it's a good family machine to Logan Airport Limo Service. And at fairly soft prices in second hand today.

Renault Laguana 3

The Laguna 3 has a problem: its name is Laguna 2. Its predecessor, released in 2001, has indeed suffered a catastrophic reliability in its infancy, which killed from the outset the image of this family yet drunk qualities.The estate version Estate is quite fluid and practical, without being a mover like the old "Nevada".

Skoda Octavia

With her, we have the benefits of a family, for the price of a compact. The first generation dates a little today, and its road benefits, although good at the time, today mark the step in terms of comfort or depreciation.
car service to logan airport limo in Norwell
it takes the game of the upscale and competes with a Passat for much cheaper. And still this load volume worthy of a luggage compartment of 747. The sedan reasonable but clever par excellence.

Volvo S60

The 9 best used family sedans

This Volvo is a very good rolling machine. Certainly, compared to its size, the habitability is not exceptional, neither for the passengers, nor especially for the luggage. But on board, the comfort is remarkable.
Know that vintage equivalent, a BMW 3 Series of the same power costs at least 3000 to 4000 € more!

Other good choices, in smaller budgets: Peugeot 406, Citroen Xantia, Mazda 626, Nissan Primera, Lancia Lybra, Opel Vectra (since 2002), Alfa Romeo 156, Audi A4 ...

To summarize, what are the best used family?

The BMW 3 Series E90
The Ford Mondeo
The Honda Accord
The Hyundai i40
The Mazda 6
The Peugeot 508
The Renault Laguna 3
The Skoda Octavia
The Volvo S60

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