Are you following a Fitness Training Program? No? Not enough time? Let me introduce you to a brilliant fitness strength training – The 90 Second Fitness Solution by Pete Cerqua.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Just 90 seconds and you are fit. The perfect quick fix we are all looking for. It is nearly that good (at least in my opinion).

But hold on, it does not mean that it is once of 90 seconds and you are fit for the rest of your life. How Does This Fitness Training Program Work?

The 90 Second Fitness Solution is basically very simple.

It is a strength training program working with larger groups of muscles (like “your whole body”) compared to individual/isolated muscles when doing for example weights training. And it focuses on isometric exercises (the joint angle and the muscle length do not change)holding your body in one position for up to 90 seconds.

For me one of the main reasons it works is that I don’t have any excuses anymore to not do it on a daily basis.

To start of you do two exercises (plank and wall sit) for up to 90 seconds, five days per week. That means a total of 15min pure workout time per week. Plus the rest time you will take in between the exercises.

Once you have mastered these two exercises and get bored there are additional exercises that will strengthen even more muscle groups in your body. You reduce the number of days to three and increase the number of exercises to six which makes for a total workout time of 27minutes per week. Still not enough to blame a lack of time for not doing it.

It is a perfect answer to our overstressed society that claims never to have enough time for health and fitness. And even better – the only piece of equipment you need is a chin-up bar. Easy.

It is one of the best low cost training routines I have come across in a long time. You can start immediately, can do it anywhere without taking special equipment with you and you can increase your exercise load with increased strength according to your personal strength.

Also it gives you very lean muscles, you don’t get bulky or look fat but you get a nicely toned, slim body with lots of strength. Exactly what I am looking for.

It is a perfect full-body workout where you can measure your success straight away – with every second more you are able to hold the position you know that your strength has increased again.

Author's Bio: 

Renee is a certified Wellness Trainer with a huge interest in Self Improvement. Read more about how to create wellness in your life on her wellness blog. Or check out the Law of Self Improvement.