Communication - if handled well it can give a lifetime’s worth of happiness. Needless to say it is essential to any kind of relationship. It can strengthen any bond, maintain a loving companionship and reconcile tarnished partnerships. It can also bridge long lost amity. On the other hand, if not handled well and miscommunication happens, it can break any tie, destroy any kind of friendship and can further heat up disagreements.

It is a pillar of every relationship. Miscommunication is the root of all misunderstandings. If one knows how to communicate properly, peace of mind and harmony is easy to achieve. There are different kinds of communication- verbal, nonverbal and written. He says- she says. Verbal communication, the most perennial of them all.

This is where we use speaking as medium and listening is required. When we need something we use this kind. This is where all romance begins. When we say what we feel and vocalize our vows and promises. This is what we use when we give assurance and say “I love you” or “I care for you”.

When we want to convince someone talking is the best way to do it. Conversation is a form of verbal communication; we exchange ideas and tackle issues, make compromises until we reached a certain agreement. A person who is very lucid and magnificent in using this kind of communication, he or she can easily persuade a person or a crowd.

This is of no surprise why politicians, con man and gigolos are experts in this area. Verbal communication is also the most abused in all forms. People use this to lie and deceive others. Master this technique and you can own the world. Nonverbal communication is when we use body language to convey a message.

This kind of communication speaks a thousand words but does not require talking. Unlike verbal communication, this is the most sincere. Body language is hard to fake; it takes conscious effort to sham body language. For instance, when we agree with someone we involuntarily nod our head same when we shake our head when we disagree with something or someone.

A smile, for example, is universal language and can break all barriers. Of all kinds of communication, nonverbal is the most pleasurable of all. Nothing beats saying I love you than an adoring look, a warm hug, and a passionate kiss. When one is a master of body language, they are a master of reading people- a powerful advantage if you want to get ahead in work or a to have successful relationship.

Let us go to written communication. Today, written communications have evolved. With email, instant messaging and text messaging everybody is closer wherever in the planet you are located. The written word can contain so much, and communicating through this means can also express much. In a relationship, it can do or undo.

For one who knows how to use the power of words to render meaning, they can live an imprinted legacy which can last. Messages and how we get them across build or destroy, not only relationships, but persons in general.

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