The pools are perfect to cool off in summer, although unfortunately, they are still an expensive pleasure. In recent years, the increase in ground pools is changing the rules of the game, avoiding expensive digging, paving and finishing work.

What materials to choose for my above ground pool?

The manufacturers of above ground pools offer various coatings. Although removable PVC models are much easier to install and less expensive, they are not necessarily the most aesthetic. For a more refined look, opt for solid or laminated wood paneling. The latter is a little cheaper, since it is made of wood and PVC fibers, and does not splinter. Also, we can find pools on the reinforced concrete ground and imitation wood - very resistant and design - but at the moment their prices are incompatible with a tight budget. However, the steel models are very accessible, although you will have to add some decoration around the pool to create a cozy corner in the garden.

Unlike traditional buried pools, you can mount the pool above ground yourself. However, it is advisable to be several people because some pieces can be quite heavy. Install it near a water supply to facilitate filling and an external electrical outlet to connect the filtration system, but away from the trees, to prevent leaves from falling into the water. It only remains to place a Zen garden decoration to turn your bathroom area into a true paradise. For example, you can opt for a garden room with wicker furniture, cheaper than wood, and place large cushions on the floor. Do not forget to play with a single color range so that the whole set combines well. For all your projects of outdoor decoration, remember that you can use the cheap above ground pool.

5 tricks to choose your above ground pool

1. materials
If you have a tight budget, choose the inflatable above ground pools, which are still the cheapest. In addition, they are installed in about two hours. For a longer life, steel plates are a good option.

2. Size
The ideal size depends on the surface of your garden and where you want to install the pool. Also, take into account the minimum distance required by the urban planning regulations of your town hall between the pool and the plot of your neighbors.

3. Equipment
Choose a pool that includes complete equipment, with filtration system and cleaning tools. It will be cheaper than buying all those items separately. And don't forget the water maintenance products.

4. Design
Even if you have opted for a pool on steel ground or a removable one, you can always add a coating later. There are many tutorials on how to install a beautiful palisade of recycled, painted or natural wood.

5. Half buried
If the visual effect of the pools on land does not seduce you, there is the possibility of burying half to limit the impact. You can even build a beautiful wooden terrace around to achieve an effect as refreshing as aesthetic.

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