The human body has been evolving for many millennia and your body is a delicate organism that needs a balance of chemical compounds, enzymes, hormones and numerous other dietary ingredients in order that it can function properly. When your body feels that there is a problem with these complicated balances it would take action to remedy any problems and bring your body back into stability. More than eighty percentage of adolescents have the skin disease acne during puberty and a small percentage of adults may experience this skin problem as do women during their menstrual cycles or pregnancy. An anti acne diet is something which helps you to handle this skin infection.

An anti acne diet can be roughly classified into two groups; those that help to promote the skin disease and those that help to avoid acne. The ingredients in the foodstuff a person consumes might have a huge impact on how the body reacts to it. If the body reacts in the wrong way then acne can become worse. If the food stuffs which you eat include antioxidant and fatty acid properties then acne can be improved. In order to understand how an anti acne diet can help it is first essential to know what causes the acne skin problem in the first place.

You could get acne infection if the pores in your skin become clogged up with a mixture of extra sebum oil, dead skin cells and various other detritus. The sebaceous glands under your skin secrete sebum oil naturally and as normal the oil travels up hair follicles and out skin pores to the skin surface where it acts as a lubricant. When your body is secreting too much sebum oil it can form a mixture along with skin debris and dead cells that block the skin pores and make them vulnerable to a bacterial acne infection. Some foods encourage your body to produce sebum oil.

Foods which are high glycemic, such as refined sugars, can cause a quick rise in blood sugar levels in the body. In response to this sugar spike, the pancreas will start to produce large amounts of insulin and also the male hormone testosterone in an effort to balance the blood sugar levels. The excess insulin and testosterone in the body prompts the skin oil glands to produce more sebum oil, which in turn could cause an acne skin infection. Dairy food items such as milk, cheese, yogurt and butter have large quantities of the female hormone estrogen as they come from lactating cows. This could cause acne outbreaks.

An anti acne diet needs to be made up of healthy and nutritious food stuffs that have Omega-3 fatty acids and lots of antioxidants contained in their ingredients. An effective anti acne diet should also include all of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that keep the body in good health. A healthy body which receives all the nourishing substances will certainly enjoy an excellent skin health. Diets to fight acne should contain plenty of fish, whole grains and fresh vegetables. Taking a mineral and vitamin supplement can make sure the body receives all the essential nutrients that are necessary to keep skin healthy and acne free.

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