Collecting is a worldwide popular hobby which from an early age strikes with the desire to have every stamp of your favorite children magazine or every Barbie doll ever made in history. Some individuals save their collecting hobbies throughout the years to even make them bigger, others either stop collecting or just jump to another theme and start a new collection, this time, usually smaller.

However, even if we don't want to agree on this, we are all creatures with desire to collect and we unconsciously create out own forms of collecting. Fact is, even animals tend to collect. There birds which rely not only on their voice and their amazing skills for making nests, but on their unique collections of flowers and small wild fruits for attracting a love mate.

But why do we love collecting so much?

The truth behind this intriguing question can be answered with a simple look trough the evolution of some of the most popular websites like Pinterest, and Weheartit. According to researched made in the last years, people's love for collecting comes from their sole desire to surround themselves with things they love and like. And it is not only because of the fact that they enjoy having an intriguing and unique collection or just love bragging in front of friends about what they have. The true reason, why we collect is because we simply tend to forget what we love and possess, and our collections often play the role of a reminder.

A bit of ourselves...

A simpler explanation can come from the following reference. Amongst all collecting addictions ever appeared in history, the one with most followers is the collection of photos. We humans, love to surround ourselves with items that call out long forgotten memories, because in a certain point of life, remembering becomes quite hard and frustrating. We need to remind ourselves of what we value in life more than we could imagine. Because, no matter how well we think we know ourselves, nothing can give us a better side look than our own unique collections. Each collection can be described like a so-called "item diary" and each tiny bit of it has its own value and meaning for us. Or in other words, every detail of one's collection is a tiny bit of himself. A reflection of his hope, dreams and desires.

Collecting - Yes or No?

And while psychologists recommend that each person should have a diary of his own, something that can easily bring back old memories and lessons learned throughout the course of life, still having a collection of items is often flagged as unhealthy. Anyways, collections are in fact highly valued and while some spend hours upon hours "sharing" their thoughts on a blank piece of paper, or on their desert social media profile no one ever visits, others put their energy into a winning strategy that can bring them money.

The Benefits of Being a Collector

In other words - let's talks about money!

According to one of the top oven cleaning companies in Melbourne , even the strangest and most unusual collections like the one of Mrs Vaughn made of hundreds soap bars can be beneficial. While museums deny approving her soap collection, people appreciate her enthusiasm and describe it as one of the most unusual and intriguing ones in the world. And what's bad in being famous for the thing you love doing - collecting? As Owen Brook, a Melbourne collector jokes, with such collection one could really build a cleaning company in Melbourne and never get the need to buy cleaning supplies.

In conclusion, being a collector might be not well-understood by some, but it definitely has its benefits.

And what about you, do you like collecting? If yes, what do you collect - share your story!

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