QuickBooks is a great way to manage your accounting and finances. The well-made accounting software has been specially designed by keeping the accounting needs of small and medium- sized businesses. With different versions of the software, it becomes much easier for the people to make a choice according to their need and demand. And after pairing the software with the cloud technology, it becomes the most robust accounting software in the market.

But when it comes to pairing the software with cloud, many people get confused between QuickBooks hosting and in premise QuickBooks server setup. Both are different ways of merging the software with cloud and both offer the wide range of benefits pouring from the cloud technology but there are many advantages of choosing a QuickBooks hosting rather than in premise server setup. So, let’s go through the advantages of choosing QuickBooks hosting over the QB server setup in your premise.

Perfect match for small accounting model
Most of the small business doesn’t have a very vast and expanded business and thus their need of accounting is also limited. That’s why they might not need the in-premise server setup in their business function and they can easily match their limited accounting model with QuickBooks hosting by opting for small hosting packages.

Other than competition from giant players, fluctuating market demand and evolving technology, small businesses have to deal with limited resources also. Opting for in-premise server setup can prove to be really costly as it requires a lot of investment. But the choice of moving to QuickBooks hosting is very much economical as you only have to pay for what you are using. The pay as you go approach of hosting providers makes the hosting option a cost-effective choice.

No IT issues
One of the main advantages of choosing QuickBooks hosting is that the setup and maintenance of the software and the server is the responsibility of the hosting provider. They offer round the clock customer support through a dedicated team of IT experts. While on the other side, in premise server installation will require experts which will be appointed by you and all the IT issues will have to solved by your firm only.

99.9% of uptime
Downtime can hamper your business and can affect the seamless workflow also. While maintaining a high uptime in the in-premise server will require lots of maintenance and even with 100% effort, you will not be able to match the high uptime offered by the QuickBooks hosting providers. Most of the best QuickBooks hosting providers offer 99.9% of high uptime and this comes guaranteed with their service.

Time is a crucial factor in business and if you have mastered the art of time-saving then your chances of success will also increase. QuickBooks hosting also acts as a time-saving tool for your business as all the maintenance is taken care by the hosting provider and rather than wasting your time in managing in premise server maintenance, you can spend that time in your other important tasks.

So, QuickBooks cloud hosting has various advantages over the on premise servers setup and especially for small businesses as they have limited resources and time. You can easily search for some of the best hosting providers in the market and get the hosting service without any trouble.

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