Since the enactment of regulations to include seven-year-old elementary school children, many parents have protested because their children have been able to read and count. The Ministry of Education and Culture itself applies this in consideration of intellectual abilities and children's mental readiness in learning activities. In addition, there are several advantages to enrolling children in Sekolah SD Terbaik di Depok elementary school age 7, which will be described below.

  1. Physical aspects

Physically, a seven-year-old child is ready to do a longer learning activity which is generally done until noon. Mental readiness and developing motor movements are also better. Muscles and nerves have also formed. This can be seen by children who can already hold a pencil without the help of an adult. Meanwhile, children under the age of seven are sometimes not ready because each likes to play.

  1. Psychological aspects

According to the theory of development from the science of psychology, children begin to concentrate on digesting subjects when they are over six years old. In essence, the more you age, the child's ability to concentrate increases. Maybe the child is able to sort out any material that should be considered and that does not need to be considered or ignored.

Children can concentrate usually in the span of 30-45 minutes per day. Therefore, children who are too early to enter elementary school age have problems because they cannot concentrate. Children aged 5-6 years are still in the development of movement skills. Therefore, children have difficulty concentrating, even though brain development has begun to appear, such as being able to read and count. In Indonesia there is modern Islamic school for children that is best option for elementary students.

  1. Cognitive aspects

After the physical and psychological aspects, then there are cognitive aspects were when going into elementary school such as TK Islam Terbaik di Depok, children are expected to be able to read, write, and count in a simple way. In addition, from this cognitive aspect, the child is expected to be able to follow instructions, understand his work, and be able to solve problems. This then becomes the outcome and the advantage of getting children to primary school age 7 years.

  1. Emotional Aspects

Children who enter elementary school under the age of seven are generally mature academically, but not with their emotions. Whereas learning in elementary school emphasizes more independence of children and is no longer dependent on parents. Do not ever equate kindergarten and elementary school, which when in kindergarten children get more attention from their teacher and parents.

Well, that is some of the advantages of putting children in elementary school-age 7 years. Don't be afraid to get caught later when you go to college, because emotional factors are more important than intellectuals. There are examples of cases of elementary school children who are smart and smart but still have to wait while in the toilet. So, you prefer children who are independent and smart or smart but spoiled?

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