Preventive health and wellness scans are an essential tool for a good lifestyle. Scans at regular intervals of time can help to detect any health issues with declining age. It is important to have regular check-ups as people generally tend to forget about their health issues amidst the chaos of personal and professional life. This happens generally in the mid-30s and mid-40s when people ignore their physical well-being over other family and work matters.

Let us see why a preventive body scan on time can prove to be beneficial for one’s well-being:

1.Early detection: By using the latest imaging technology to get an in-depth analysis of the human profile, you can easily detect any disease or illness in the early stages. This, in turn, will help fix the problem by taking the required precautions at the earliest. Early detection is important in the treatment of cancer, heart diseases etc.

2.Painless examinations: Whole body scan does not require any anaesthesia or any complicated procedure. It is a painless procedure which is over in a day. So before any serious illness is detected you can go through these preliminary tests with less pain.

1.Long-term benefits: Knowledge about your health will help to design your lifestyle accordingly.It improves your mental well-being and has a profound impact on your overall health.

2.Peace of mind: After a whole body scan when you get to know that there is no alarming result, you attain peace of mind from knowing that you are healthy. Having a peace of mind is a wonderful thing and a whole body scan may help in this.

3.Decreased cost: If you have an expenditure on preventive body scans; the cost of in-patient care is decreased. The number of checkups in preventive healthcare can ultimately reduce the cost in the future.

The preventive body scans that people can undergo at regular time intervals are listed below:

1. Electrocardiogram or ECG or exercise stress test for checking mainly heart problems.
2. Full body Computed-Tomography (CT scan) to detect early signs of cancer or heart anomalies.
3. Sleep apnoea testing in case you have symptoms like loud snoring, gasping for air or choking in your sleep etc. This could be a sign of high blood pressure, chances if stroke etc.
4. Automated nerve testing is done in case you have pinched nerves, diabetes or other neural disturbances. Accurate early diagnosis of nerve diseases can help in proper treatment.
5. Mammography has become a must preventive body scan in all women especially after the age of 30.It helps to detect breast cancer in its early stages and periodic testing for it should be undertaken as a precautionary measure.
6. Cholesterol testing or checking of blood pressure are common body scans we undertake but do not pay much heed to them. Whereas a careful analysis of the reports can hint towards a clogged blood vessel in the heart or any other coronary artery disease.

Overall, the main essence in preventive body scans lies in effective detection of diseases early enough to be treated or cured and spare the person of its very detrimental effects.

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